Vince McMahon Net Worth 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon speaks at a news conference announcing the WWE Network (Getty)

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon speaks at a news conference announcing the WWE Network (Getty)

Vince McMahon is set to make his return to Monday Night Raw on the July 11th show, appearing ahead of the company’s upcoming brand split. It’s a big month for the WWE, as starting next week, SmackDown will be going live on Tuesday nights, and the entire roster will be split between the two programs. It’s also rumored that there will once again be two championship belts, one for Raw and one for SmackDown. 

The WWE’s chairman has become extremely wealthy thanks to the company’s success over the past several decades, and as of July 2016, he is now valued at over $1 billion.

Here’s what you need to know about Vince McMahon’s current net worth and salary.

1. His Net Worth is $1.18 Billion

Vince McMahon monday night raw, Vince McMahon raw, Vince McMahon wwe raw

Vince McMahon is introduced during a WWE Monday Night Raw episode on August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty)

Vince McMahon has a 52% stake in World Wrestling Entertainment, which is having a rather profitable 2016 so far, and as a result, his net worth is quite staggering.

Forbes currently estimates McMahon’s net worth to be $1.18 billion. This puts him back on the billionaires’ list after falling down below $1 billion a few years ago during a tumultuous time in the WWE.

For comparison, Linda McMahon is currently valued at $500 million, and both Shane and Stephanie McMahon are valued at $25 million.

2. In 2014, He Lost $350 Million In One Day

Vince McMahon raw, Vince McMahon raw las vegas, Vince McMahon wwe

Vince McMahon appears in the ring during a WWE Monday Night Raw episode in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty)

A few years ago, Vince McMahon fell off the billionaires’ list as the WWE’s stock began to quickly decline.

In May 2014, after the WWE signed a deal with NBC Universal that shareholders were not happy with, the company’s shares immediately dropped from $29.12 to $19.96, and in a single day McMahon’s net worth fell from  $1.6 billion to $750 million, according to Forbes.

Over the course of the next two months, he lost about $750 million total.

However, even at the time, many expected McMahon to quickly bounce back.

“Mr. McMahon knows the pro wrestling/sports entertainment business,” The Miami Herald reported at the time. “He has not only survived but succeeded over the long haul — even longer than cable television mogul Ted Turner. If something doesn’t work, Mr. McMahon will pull the plug.”

3. He Has Made a Tremendous Amount of Money from the WWE Network

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Vince McMahon attends the announcement of the First McMahon Million Dollar Mania Winners at the Hard Rock Cafe. (Getty)

One of the main reasons McMahon has bounced back from that decline in 2014 is the WWE Network, the company’s streaming service which has been extremely successful since its launch in 2014 (although its initial subscriber numbers in April 2014 were disappointing).

According to Forbes, in the fourth quarter of 2015, the network saw a 49 percent growth in subscribers, and it is now the fifth-largest streaming service below only Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and MLB TV.

The WWE Network, which costs $9.99 per month, now generates about $160 million in revenue per year. This is significantly higher than the company was previously making off of pay-per-view sales.

As of July 2016, the network has 1.82 million subscribers, according to Bleacher Report.

4. He Made $3.3 Million Last Year

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Vince McMahon speaks at the press conference held by Battle of the Billionaires to announce details of Wrestlemania 23. (Getty)

Though McMahon is the richest person associated with the WWE, when it comes to yearly salary, his is not actually the highest.

According to The Stanford Advocate, in 2015 McMahon received a salary of $3.3 million from the WWE. But above him was Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, who was paid $4.8 million.

Also ahead of McMahon was Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson and Chief Financial and Strategy Officer George Barrios, who both received a salary of $4.5 million.

5. He Lives in a $40 Million Mansion

McMahon resides in Greenwich, Connecticut in an extremely lavish mansion which is valued at about $40 million. The home is three stories and has seven bedrooms, a pool, a garden and a conservatory area, according to What Culture.

This is not the only home Vince McMahon owns. He also has a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan and a $20 million vacation home.