WATCH: Vince McMahon Returns to ‘Monday Night Raw’ July 2016

Vince McMahon made his triumphant return to Monday Night Raw this evening ahead of the company’s upcoming brand split.

McMahon first appeared backstage, where he was interviewed by Renee Young and revealed that he arrived to name a new commissioner of SmackDown. He said that Shane and Stephanie have no idea about this and that even he hasn’t fully decided what he’s going to do when he gets out in front of the crowd.

Almost two hours later, Vince McMahon finally made his way into the ring. He criticized Shane and Stephanie, saying that he had kind of expected them to tear each other apart by now. He also had them both make the argument as to why they should become the new commissioner of SmackDown. 

After both children made their arguments, Vince decided that Shane will be the commissioner of SmackDown, while Stephanie will be the commissioner of Monday Night Raw. He wants them to compete with each other in order to make their respective shows the best they can possibly be.

This was McMahon’s first time on the show in about three months, as he last appeared in an episode of Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 32. He’s hoping to hype up the company’s July 19th event, a live SmackDown event in which the entire roster will be split up between Raw and SmackDown. 


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Tad Robinson

How can we still expect a 3 way for the title on the 24th, if Ambrose just offered Rollins a title match next week on Raw? It doesn’t make sense to me, unless next weeks match ends in Dallas or draw.

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