WATCH: “The Brock Osweiler Fumble”

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In a blunder that may rival the Buttfumble for quarterback inadequacy, Brock Osweiler committed one of the worst fumbles in modern NFL history. It’s a little hard to believe, just give it a watch:

My guess is that he aggressively taps the ball, resulting in the ball to come loose before he throws the ball. The result is Osweiler pushing a loose football, one that was easily scooped by Denver even though some assumed it would be ruled incomplete.

While many thought the resulting review could reverse the call, the ruling came back as “stands.” When ESPN summoned former referee Gerry Austin, he stated the call could have even been confirmed given the video evidence.

It wasn’t an ideal return to Denver for Osweiler, and the fumble only added embarrassment to his ugly stat line. The Texans lost to the Broncos 27-9, and Osweiler finished with 131 passing yards on 41 attempts.

H/t Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle for the title.

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I agree. Although I believe it is possible to throw a fumble that far and as a spiral if you watch close enough this is not the case here because he loses control of the ball literally a split second after moving his arm in forward motion. Its hard to tell and in full speed I say fumble. But slowed down his arm had just started to move forward before losing it and if he had been hit at that very second and they reviewed it they would have said his arm was moving forward so I don’t see why its any different now. And I was pulling for the Broncos.

Samuel Rosenbalm

Not a fan of either team but there is no way that was a fumble. It would be impossible, utterly impossible, for the ball to fly that far (and as a spiral) if the arm wasn’t going forward at least a little bit. Simple common sense.

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