WWE Hell in a Cell 2016: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

The Hell in a Cell is known for ending long-running feuds in wrestling. At this year’s RAW branded PPV specialty match event, three big beefs will culminate within the confines of WWE’s most dangerous cage.

For the 1st time ever, two women will do battle inside the enormous cage and it’ll be for the Women’s Championship. Sasha Banks will make history as she takes on her most heated rival, Charlotte. Roman Reigns will fight to keep the United States Championship around his waist as he’ll have to take on Rusev inside the cell. And finally, Kevin Owens will put his Universal Championship on the line in a HIAC bout against Seth Rollins. This and several other big-time matches will make up the entirety of this RAW exclusive match card.

You can check up on all the results/highlights for these matches and more right here when WWE HIAC 2016 finally kicks off.

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari (Kickoff Match)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Winners: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara! 

Highlights: The match kicks off with Sin Cara and Tony Neese going head to head, with Sin Cara starting the night off right by delivering a back breaker within seconds. When Drew Gulak runs in, Cara goes after him too, but Gulak deals out a neck breaker while Sin Cara is distracted. Later, Lince Dorado lands a shooting star press that gets a huge pop, and right after, all six superstars start a brawl which spills out of the ring. Tony Neese launches Lince Dorado off the ropes, but after a commercial break, Dorado is back in action and dueling with Ariya Daivari. Drew Gulak comes in with a leg hook, and Dorado struggles to turn the tables, especially after suffering a springboard from Tony Neese. Dorado tags in a very enthusiastic Cedric Alexander, who runs in and hits Tony Neese with a roundhouse kick. Moments later, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara all go for a suicide dive, landing on their three opponents, a turn which prompts a “Yes!” chant. Finally, Cedric Alexander pins Drew Gulak with a brutal lumbar check.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev (Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE United States Championship)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Winner: And still your WWE United States Champion, Roman Reigns!

Highlights: It’s worth noting that even though Roman Reigns is theoretically the face in this feud, the crowd winds up booing him just as much – if not even more – than Rusev, who is theoretically the heel. The match gets started with Rusev having the upper hand, getting some punches in and attempting to throw Roman into the cell. Roman, however, is able to block that. Rusev ends up being the first to hit the cell, with Roman throwing him out of the ring and straight into the metal. Roman keeps that going, picking up an injured Rusev and throwing him into the cage two more times. As if that wasn’t enough, Rusev is soon driven shoulder-first into the steel steps. Rusev finally gets back into action and it’s Roman who’s thrown into the cell. A kick to the back of the neck does a lot of damage to Roman, and moments later, his head is slammed into the ring post. Roman builds back up some momentum, but when he gets ready for a Superman punch, Rusev rolls out of the ring and is able to take down Roman. While Roman is lying in pain, Rusev picks up the steel stairs and hits Roman in the face with them twice in a row. Rusev then places the steel steps on the top rope, beginning to drive Roman forward, but Roman is able to block that move. He doesn’t have much time to build up any energy, though; Rusev brawls with Roman outside of the ring, and Rusev then grabs a  Kendo stick from under the ring. Roman steals this stick away from Rusev, using it to hit Rusev in the chest and then the back over and over and over again. When Rusev gets the Kendo stick back, he goes absolutely mad, striking Roman in the rib cage about 10 times in a row before breaking the stick in half. They both wind up lying in pain in the middle of the ring struggling to get up, trading blows back and forth while trying to work through their injuries. Roman soon performs a successful Superman punch, trying to cover Rusev, but Rusev kicks out at two and a half. Those steel steps on the top rope finally come in handy when Rusev throws Roman into them, but Roman kicks out at two and a half afterwards. All seems lost for Roman when Rusev locks in an Accolade, but Roman gets out of it only to receive a kick to the face. Rusev grabs a chain from under the ring, and he uses that to inflict more damage on Roman. Rusev then goes for another one of the steel steps, slamming Roman into it face first. None of this is enough to take out Roman, who again kicks out at two and a half. Rusev then delivers an Accolade on top of the steel steps using the chain. Somehow, Roman gets out of that, picking up Rusev and dropping him onto the steps. Finally, Roman gets in a spear from off the steel step, and that finally earns him the victory.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Winner: Bayley! 

Highlights: Dana Brooke starts things off condescendingly patting Bayley on the head, which really sets her off. Bayley is able to slam Brooke’s head into the ropes several times, also getting in a kick to the back. It doesn’t take long for Dana Brooke to capitalize on Bayley’s injured arm, kicking it and later smashing it into the ring. Bayley struggles to gain some momentum back, hitting Brooke a few times but overall having a hard time working through her pain. A corkscrew elbow almost takes down Dana Brooke, but it’s not quite enough. Finally, though, Bayley delivers a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex for the win.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


Winners: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows! 

Highlights: Karl Anderson goes right to work on Enzo Amore at the beginning of the match, but Enzo strikes back and tags in Big Cass, who does not hold back. Soon, Big Cass throws Enzo Amore into Luke Gallows and then into Karl Anderson. They repeat that move moments later, except this time with Big Cass throwing Enzo over the top rope. Karl Anderson builds back some momentum and tosses Enzo Amore back and forth, and the two brawl on the top rope while Anderson tries to throw Enzo off. Enzo counters, and both Big Cass and Luke Gallows are tagged in. Big Cass goes after Gallows and then after an interfering Karl Anderson. Cass gets in an Empire Elbow on Gallows, but he’s soon thrown out of the ring by Karl Anderson. It soon becomes unclear who’s actually legally tagged in here, and this culminates in Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows teaming up on Enzo Amore and emerging victorious.

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