Wayne Westner Cause of Death: How Did the Golfer Die?

A former South African golfing star has died in what news reports say was a “hostage drama” with his wife.

Wayne Westner committed suicide after holding his wife hostage, Sport24 reported.

The 55-year-old former golfer won 14 professional events, most notably the South African Open in 1988 and 1991, according to Sport24.

The tragedy occurred January 4 in a home in Pennington, South Africa, USA Today reported.

The South Africa Times reported that Westner shot himself in front of his wife and died “due to a gunshot wound to the right side of his head on Wednesday. Officers said it appeared that the couple were separated.”

The South African newspaper reported that, according to police, Westner’s wife “was in the process of relocating to Johannesburg when Westner arrived at the estate and forced his way in” and “Westner was armed with a handgun and allegedly shot himself through the head in front of his wife.”

USA Today described Westner as “one of South Africa’s most prominent athletes during his golf career, which was cut short due to injury in 1998.”

The South Africa Times reported that Westner was “also the driving force behind the Instant Golfer‚ a training machine that improves players’ swings.” The newspaper said he won these tournaments over the course of his career:

1983 ICL Tournament Players Classic (RSA)
1988 Southern Suns South African Open Championship
1989 South Africa Winter Championship
1990 PX Pro Celebrity Classic‚ Brakecore Wool Festival Pro-Am (RSA)‚ Sun City Classic (RSA)
1991 Protea Assurance South African Open Championship (RSA)‚ AECI Charity Classic (RSA)
1992 Wild Coast Sun Classic (RSA)
1993 Dubai Desert Classic
1996 San Lameer South African Masters‚ Nashua Wild Coast Sun Classic (RSA)
1996 FNB Players Championship

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