Siggi Walker, Martellus Bennett’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Martellus Bennett’s wife, Siggi Walker, with their two-year-old daughter Austyn Jett Rose. (Instagram/Siggi Walker)

Sigourney ‘Siggi’ Walker is married to New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett, who played a major part in the Patriots’ historic comeback in Super Bowl LI. Like her husband, with his Imagination Agency, Walker also has her own business and is a makeup artist. Walker and Bennett have been married since 2011.

The couple has a two-year-old daughter named Austyn Jett Rose Bennett. You can follow her on Instagram at siggib. Bennett is on Instagram at MartellusB.

Here’s a look at her life, career and how she met Bennett.

1. She’s the Co-Founder of Halfsies, a Children’s Fashion Brand & Met Her Business Partner on Instagram

Walker, a Chicago native, is the co-founder of Halfsies Kids, a fashion brand for children. She co-founded the brand with friend Mallory Talty.

As Indianapolis Monthly reported, Talty and Walker met on Instagram! They were chatting in the comments section of a post by the AKid brand, which featured Talty’s young daughter.

“The next thing you know we were joking around about being twins, borrowing each others baby clothes and double dating with our hubbies,” a statement on the Halfsies site reads. “Obviously, the natural next step was to become business partners and start an online boutique for awesome kids who march to the beat of their own drum.”

They then decided to create their own fashion brand for “your favorite half-sized people.”

2. Bennett & Walker Met After an Usher Concert

Siggi Bennett, Martellus Bennett, Martellus Bennett wife, Martellus Bennett girlfriend

(Instagram/Siggi Bennett)

In a 2012 interview with the New York Post, Bennett said he met his wife during an after party following an Usher concert in Dallas in 2008. He explained:

Actually when I went to an Usher concert, which is probably the best place to meet women … I was just at The House of Blues, somebody called me to go to like the afterparty and I went up there and she happened to be in town from school ’cause she went to Sarah Lawrence here in New York, so we met then.

When asked to describe Walker, Bennett told the Post:

Very intelligent, outgoing, funny, stylish, caretaker. She’s a brilliant person. I care about her more than anything else in the world. I love her more than anything.

3. She Makes Sure to Take Jett Everywhere They Go & They Can’t ‘Remember What Life Was Like Before Her’

Shortly after Jett’s birth, Walker and Bennett sat down with Chicago Parent in September 2014 to talk about their lives as new parents. Even though she was only a few months old at the time, Walker said they take her everywhere they go.

“We’re good at spending time together and making it valuable and special for the three of us, and I think it’s just a natural progression,” Walker told the site. “We can’t even remember what life was like before her.”

“Our relationship (before Jett) was awesome, but now I feel like it’s just one more person to be awesome with,” Bennett told Chicago Parent.

Even though Bennett is a celebrity, Walker told Chicago Parent that they have the same fears as every parent. “We’re not comfortable having her stay with anyone just yet,” Walker said. “It’s hard being able to trust anyone with something so valuable and something so sacred to you as your child.”

4. The Cowboys Hoped Marrying Walker Would Help Bennett Mature

During the early days of his career with the Dallas Cowboys, there was some concern about Bennett’s maturity. As reported in 2011, Bennett was infamous for his sometimes offensive YouTube channel. In one video, he even dressed up like Osama bin Laden and in another, he used a homophobic slur.

But after his marriage at age 24, Bennett told that he was ready to mature.

“The difference is, I don’t only represent myself now,” Bennett said in 2011. “I have to represent my wife in everything I do. I don’t want her to get a bad reflection because of the things that I do.”

He also told the site that he had an “epiphany” and “everything is falling into place for me right now.”

It turns out that getting married and having a daughter really did change Bennett.

“I’m a better player when I’m truly happy,” Bennett told the Undefeated in 2016. “And I’m truly happy when I get to hang out with my family, I get to create and I get to play football. When I do those three things, I’m totally balanced.”

5. She’s a Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College

In a 2012 New York Times profile of Bennett, Siggi revealed that she didn’t know who Bennett was when they were first introduced until after Googling him. On their first date, they saw the movie Yes Man and fell in love. Two years later, he proposed.

Walker graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2010 and also attended Marin Academy.

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