WATCH: Jason Statham & Gail Gadot Super Bowl Commercial [FULL VIDEO]

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Jason Statham and Gal Gadot star in’s third consecutive Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the fourth quarter tonight.

The company’s campaign features a series of short films directed by Louis Leterrier. In the ad above, Gadot and Statham play two diners at Felix’s restaurant. They cause quite a commotion in the dining area, but Felix is too busy back in the kitchen, focusing on his Wix website, to notice.

When Felix finally hears the ruckus outside, he enters the main part of his restaurant to see that it’s been blown to pieces. He decides to move his business to a food truck, naming it, “Gourmet To Go.” He may need to transition quickly, but is there to help him out. Big Game | Chez Felix Part 2Already seen our Big Game spot featuring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham? Then don't miss out on part 2! Felix has a stunning food truck but when Gal and Jason reappear, he has to keep his cool. Watch now to see how all of the action unfolds. Create your stunning website today – it's easy,…2017-01-28T16:16:44.000Z

In Part 2 of the commercial, above, Felix’s food truck is working out great until Gal and Jason cause a disturbance once again, and drive his van around as they fight bad guys. This ultimately leads to Felix’s third business venture, a food truck on a dinner cruise! The voiceover at the end of the ad says, “To succeed in a disruptive world, Wix makes it easy to create your own website.”

The excitement doesn’t end there when it comes to at the Super Bowl. Felix’s website is real, and you can check it out here. According to their blog, this is just the beginning of Felix’s story! What’s more is that is giving away $10,000 every weekday from Monday, January 23rd until the big game on February 4th (the winner on game day will receive $50,000.) Click here to enter. According to their blog, the instructions on how to enter are:

1. Click on this link
2. Download the picture of Felix
3. Make it your Facebook profile picture
4. Submit your Facebook profile link via the form in the pop-up window for a chance to win

Director Louis Leterrier is known for The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me, Clash of the Titans, The Brothers Grimsby, and The Transporter.

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