Bray Wyatt Entrance Theme: What’s the Song & Why Does Wyatt Use It?

WWE: "Live In Fear" ► Bray Wyatt 4th Theme SongTitle: "Live In Fear" Artist: Mark Crozer Album: WWE: Live In Fear (Bray Wyatt) – Single Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Alternative Released: May 29, 2013 ℗ 2013 WWE, Inc. Download Link: (m4a) (mp3) Available Exclusively on iTunes: Theme Count: 1st: "Smoke & Mirrors" [as Husky Harris] 2nd: "Get Thru This" (WWE Edit) [as…2014-07-04T20:33:02.000Z

One of the most memorable themes in the WWE right now has got to be that of Bray Wyatt, the crazy cult leader who is currently the WWE World Champion. So what is that song, who wrote it, and how did it come to be associated with Wyatt?

Wyatt’s current theme song is called “Live in Fear,” and it’s by Mark Crozer. Unlike some WWE themes, this one wasn’t written for Bray Wyatt, and it existed as its own song before the WWE started using it.

In fact, the song was originally released as “Broken Out in Love” in June 2012. Crozer uploaded it to a music licensing website that year, and the WWE soon contacted him to purchase the rights. The company then renamed the song “Live in Fear,” though you can still hear the phrase “broken out in love” in the song’s lyrics.

Crozer told The Charlotte Observer in 2013 that he often sells his music to television studios for use in shows, as this is a great way to draw attention to music; fans who like what they hear can then look up the song itself and get hooked on the artist’s work.

“Television seems to function like the new MTV,” Crozer told the Charlotte Observer. “Music videos were how you got your music heard, but now it’s television. If you had a piece of music in a high profile show, suddenly there are millions of people hearing your music. A lot of those people will turn to the internet to easily look up the song. I was surprised – the show airs on Monday night, and instantly, my email inbox fills up with tweets and contacts on Monday nights.”

Bray Wyatt told The Charlotte Observer that as soon as he heard the song for the first time, he knew it was perfect for his character.

“As soon as I heard the bass line of this one a spark happened,” he said. “It was magic. He was able to capture a mood in a melody. The mood is very eerie. The song and Bray Wyatt come together so well because Bray is an enigma.”

In 2014, at WrestleMania 30, Mark Crozer had the opportunity to perform “Live in Fear” live as Bray Wyatt entered the ring.

“Live in Fear” has been used as Bray Wyatt’s theme song since 2012, and much like the theme song of John Cena, it would not be surprising if this remains Wyatt’s theme for the remainder of his career.

Here are the lyrics to Bray Wyatt’s theme song, “Live in Fear”:

Catching flies in his mouth
Tasting freedom while he dares
Then crawling back to the top of the stairs
He won’t see the sun again for years to come
He’s broken out in love

Like a cat without a care
Roaming freely through the streets
You could find him in amongst the pigeons in the square
But he won’t see the sun again for years to come
He’s broken out in love

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