Paige & Xavier Woods’ Relationship: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Saraya-Jade Bevis recently had many of her private photos and videos hacked and leaked online. (

WWE superstars Paige and Xavier Woods are embroiled in scandal this week after Paige was the victim of a hack and had explicit photos and videos leaked online.

One of the videos released appears to show Paige having sex with Xavier Woods while Brad Maddox films them. Paige issued a brief response on Twitter, writing, “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.” Xavier Woods made an apparent reference to the leak at the 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards, recommending the audience delete Twitter.

Although there have previously been rumors about a backstage romance between Paige and Brad Maddox, never have there been similar rumors about Paige and Xavier Woods. So what has been the relationship between these two WWE superstars? Here’s what you need to Know.

1. She Has Been a Guest on Woods’ Show UpUpDownDown

Paige has been a guest on Xavier Woods’ video game YouTube show UpUpDownDown, as have many other WWE employees.

During her first appearance, Paige played Beavis & Butt-Head on the SNES. She says a number of things in the video that end up getting censored, with Woods saying that viewers will have no idea what they’re talking about after all of the bleeps are added. They’re also joined by some other WWE superstars including Mark Henry, and they joke about being able to fart on command.

Paige appeared on another episode of UpUpDownDown in May 2016, where she plays EA Sports UFC 2.

Although the timeline of events is somewhat unclear, both of these appearances would likely have taken place after the leaked video was filmed.

2. They Played Twister in a 2016 WWE YouTube Video

In another old YouTube video that is suddenly gaining a significant amount of attention, Paige and Xavier Woods once played Twister together.

This was for a “WWE game night” video produced for the WWE’s online website and YouTube channel. They play the game along with Big E and John Cone, and it comes down to Paige and Xavier Woods, with Paige ultimately being the winner.

At one point in the video, Paige is kneeling down in front of Xavier Woods, and he says, “This is familiar.” They both laugh, although the comment is overlooked, as Big E is eliminated from the game at that exact moment.

This video has been viewed many more times over the past few days, with dozens of users writing comments reading into everything Paige and Xavier Woods do and say in it.

3. They Also Appeared Together on Smosh Games

Paige and Xavier Woods also appeared together in a March 2015 Smosh Games YouTube video.

In the video, Xavier Woods, Paige, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan play Gang Beasts. At the very beginning of the video, Xavier playfully grabs Paige’s shoulder, and Seth Rollins seems to look over in their direction and shake his head. However, there’s quite a lot of activity in the video, and so it’s not totally clear what he is shaking his head in response to.

Once again, this video is now being looked back on by fans and overanalyzed.

4. They Have a Secret Handshake

Based on their social media profiles, Paige and Xavier Woods were good friends in the WWE for several years.

In an October 2014 Instagram video, the two are seen performing their own secret handshake backstage before a WWE show.

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Best handshake in the west. @xavierwoodsPHD

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In an April 2014 tweet, Xavier Woods referred to Paige as his girl; this was posted shortly after Paige made her main roster debut and won the WWE Diva’s Championship for the first time, becoming the youngest person to hold that title.

During Night of Champions 2014, Woods on Twitter posted his support for Paige, who that night was defending her Diva’s Championship in a triple threat match with AJ Lee and Nikki Bella. He later indicated that he was upset she lost to AJ Lee.

5. Xavier Woods is Married & Has a Baby on the Way

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Xavier Woods of The New Day. (

Xavier Woods is married, and he and his wife have a baby on the way. His wife revealed in an Instagram post last year that the baby is due in May 2017. That Instagram account is no longer online.

Woods and his wife, Jess Watson, are quite private about their relationship, and so it’s unclear whether they were together at the time that the Paige video would have been filmed.

According to Sportskeeda, Woods and his wife were married in October 2015. It’s not exactly known when the leaked Paige video is from, but based on the fact that the NXT championship belt is seen in another one of the leaked images, it may date back to sometime between June 2013 and April 2014. It would have to have been shot prior to November 2015, as that is the month that Brad Maddox, who is featured in the video, was fired from the WWE.