Chris Paul’s Contract: Length & Yearly Salary

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Chris Paul during the second half of Game Five of the Western Conference Quarterfinals on April 25, 2017. (Getty)

31-year-old Chris Paul currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers as a point guard. So how much longer does Paul have until his contract with the Clippers ends, and what is his current yearly salary?

Paul is currently on a five-year deal with the Clippers, which he signed in July 2013. The contract extends into July 2017.

According to CBS Sports, Paul’s five-year extension signed in 2013 was worth $107 million. That translates to about $21.4 million per year.

However, Paul’s actual salary breaks down a bit differently. According to Sportrac, during the 2013 season, Paul made $18 million. During the 2014 season, he made $20 million. During the 2015 season, he made $21 million. During the 2016 season, he made $22 million. And during the 2017 season, he will make $24 million. This adds up to $107 million.

According to Basketball Insiders, Chris Paul has actually already verbally agreed to extend his contract with the Clippers. And NBC Sports reports that the new deal will be worth $207 million over five years.

Chris Paul is one of the 15 highest-paid basketball players in the NBA right now. However, according to Fox Sports, the following players are making more money per year than Paul is: Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, Russell Westbrook, Al Horford, James Harden, Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan, Mike Conley, and, finally, LeBron James.

LeBron James is the highest-paid NBA player, and he brings in a salary of $30.9 million per year.

Chris Paul is, however, the highest paid member of the Los Angeles Clippers. Behind him are DeAndre Jordan, who will make $22.6 million this year, and Blake Griffin, who will make $21.3 million this year.