Roman Reigns’ Win/Loss Record: How Often Does He Win Matches?

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Roman Reigns will fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania. (

WWE superstar Roman Reigns is set to go head to head with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. Reigns has received a massive push over the past few years, and it certainly feels like The Big Dog wins a lot more matches than the typical WWE superstar, but how true is that? What is his exact win/loss ratio?

According to Cage Match, the Internet wrestling database, Reigns has won 68.4 percent of the matches he has been in. In total, during his past seven years with the WWE, he has had 852 matches total. Of those 852 matches, he has won 583 of them and lost 246 of them.

Roman won a particularly large number of matches in 2016. Last year, he won 89.3 percent of the matches he was in. That number has been a bit lower in 2017, as so far this year, he has won 72.5 percent of his matches.

On the other hand, back in 2013, when Roman was still a part of The Shield, he only won 24 percent of the time.

However, Roman Reigns’ opponent, The Undertaker, wins a bit more often than he does. Throughout Taker’s 30-year long career, he has won 1717 matches, which is 75.5 percent of all of the matches he has been in.

Over the past few years, Taker has only been placed in matches very occasionally, but the last year that Taker was wrestling regularly was 2010, and that year, he won 72.9 percent of the time, which is about on par with how often Roman Reigns won this year.

Compared to the rest of the roster, Roman does win more often than some of his peers. AJ Styles wins 59 percent of the time, Seth Rollins wins 42.8 percent of the time, and Dean Ambrose wins 56.8 percent of the time.

However, John Cena has a better win/loss record, as he has won 78.8 percent of all of the matches he has been in.