WATCH: Roman Reigns Coughs Up Blood at WWE ‘Payback’

The WWE’s Payback pay-per-view tonight ended with Roman Reigns bleeding in the ring as the crowd chanted “You deserve it!”

This came at the end of the match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. To the surprise of many WWE fans, Braun Strowman won clean.

After the match ended, Braun Strowman continued to beat up Roman Reigns, finally picking up the steel steps and dropping them right onto Roman Reigns’ chest. Reigns then coughed up blood for several minutes.

After the show ended, and the WWE Network went into Raw Talk, Roman Reigns was seen limping backstage, dropping onto the floor and coughing blood onto the wall.

As Reigns continued to limp backstage and was preparing to get into an ambulance, Braun Strowman yelled “I’m not finished with you!” Strowman proceeded to charge into Reigns and continue to pound on him.

This was a shockingly violent ending to the show, and it is believed that this may be the WWE’s way of writing Roman Reigns off of the show for at least another few weeks.