WWE: Who Are the Singh Brothers?

Tonight at Payback, Randy Orton lost his match against Bray Wyatt thanks to the interference of Jinder Mahal and the interference of the Singh Brothers. The Singh Brothers are relatively new to SmackDown Live, so who are these guys, exactly?

The Singh Brothers are Gurv and Harv Sihra, who are brothers in real life. Since 2006, they have been wrestling as the tag team The Bollywood Boyz, getting their start with Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

In 2016, the Singh Brothers got their start with the WWE by participating in the Cruiserweight Classic. They were eliminated and shortly after made their debut on NXT, later being seen on 205 Live.

The Singh Brothers spent several months on NXT, only making their main roster debut on April 18th.

During the April 18th episode of SmackDown Live, the Singh Brothers interfered in a six-pack challenge to help Jinder Mahal become the number one contender. Then, at Payback, they once again helped Jinder Mahal, this time aiding him in attacking Randy Orton.

So why are the Singh Brothers allied with Jinder Mahal? That’s a question that has not yet been answered, but we will likely hear more about this on May 2nd’s episode of SmackDown Live.