Premier League Table: Final Standings For 2016-2017 Season

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There wasn’t much excitement on the final day of this year’s Premier League, but it was still a solid season for English football.

After last year’s magic from Leicester City, the top of the table returned to normal. The biggest clubs in England all finished within the top six, and Leicester City predictably finished mid-table. The year belonged to Chelsea, who rebounded under the tutelage of Antonio Conte all the way back to the top.

At the bottom of the table, today the league says goodbye to Hull City, Middlesbrough and Sunderland. The Black Cats have been flirting with relegation the past two seasons, and are going down to the Championship for the first time in a decade. Replacing them will be the return of Newcastle United, who won the Championship on the final day of the season. Joining them up top will be Brighton & Hove Albion, along with the winner of a playoff final between Reading and Huddersfield Town.

Here’s a look at how all 20 clubs finished:

1. Chelsea

Points: 93
Record: 30-3-5
Premier League Champions

2. Tottenham Hotspur

Points: 86
Record: 26-8-4

3. Manchester City

Points: 78
Record: 23-9-6

4. Liverpool

Points: 76
Record: 22-10-6

5. Arsenal

Points: 75
Record: 23-6-9

6. Manchester United

Points: 69
Record: 18-15-5

7. Everton

Points: 61
Record: 17-10-11

8. Southampton

Points: 46
Record: 12-10-16

9. AFC Bournemouth

Points: 46
Record: 12-10-16

10. West Bromwich Albion

Points: 45
Record: 12-9-17

11. West Ham United

Points: 45
Record: 12-9-17

12. Stoke City

Points: 44
Record: 11-11-16

13. Leicester City

Points: 43
Record: 12-8-18

14. Burnley

Points: 40
Record: 11-7-20

15. Watford

Points: 40
Record: 11-7-19

16. Crystal Palace

Points: 41
Record: 12-5-20

17. Swansea City

Points: 38
Record: 11-5-21

18. Hull City

Points: 34
Record: 9-7-22
Hull City Have Been Relegated

19. Middlesbrough

Points: 28
Record: 5-13-20
Middlesbrough Have Been Relegated

20. Sunderland

Points: 24
Record: 6-6-26
Sunderland Have Been Relegated

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