Kurt Angle’s Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Angle Clan. I Love my kids so much. Im truly Blessed. #Lovemykids

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Tonight on Raw, Kurt Angle will reveal a secret that he says threatens to tear his family apart.

Obviously, this is a completely fictitious storyline, and there is no legitimate revelation that Angle worries would cause him to lose the support of his family. If there were a secret like that, Angle would probably be even more broken up about it than he currently is on Raw, as it’s clear to anyone who follows him that nothing is more important to him than his family.

Kurt Angle has five children, two from his first marriage and three from his current marriage. Here’s what you need to know about the children of Kurt Angle.

1. His Oldest Daughter is 14-Year-Old Kyra Angle

Kurt Angle’s oldest child is a 14-year-old girl named Kyra Angle. Angle had Kyra while he was with his first wife, Karen Smedley.

When Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in April, he was escorted to the stage by his daughter Kyra. Kurt Angle wrote on Instagram at the time, “She’s all grown up. Last time I was in WWE, she was 3 years old. Time flies. Thank you Kyra. Love You princess.”

Kurt also said of Kyra in 2016, “This young lady is my princess. She’s 14 years old, but incredibly mature. Beautiful in every way, and extremely goofy. Amazing personality. So proud to be your Dad Kyra.”

Kyra Angle is interested in music, and on a YouTube channel called RealKyraAngle, she has posted two song covers, one of “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes and another of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.

2. His Son Kody Angle Is 10 Years Old

Kurt Angle’s next oldest child is Kody Angle, who he also had with his first wife, Karen.

Kody Angle is already into wrestling, and he has a favorite wrestler: Tyson Kidd, who Kody has an autographed photo of.

Kurt frequently takes Kody to wrestling events, including Slammiversary when Angle was still with TNA.

At Impact Wrestling TV tapings with my kids, Kyra and Kody. #Lovemyfamily

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In December 2016, Kurt Angle said on Instagram said that his son Kody wanted to shave his head just like his father, but he settled for a crew cut.

Fans of TNA saw Kody Angle appear with his father Kurt back when Kody was just four years old.

Kurt Angle says that he only has a chance to see Kyra and Kody every few months; he also says that he regrets not being there as often as he would have liked during their childhoods.

“…[E]ven though I only get to see Kyra and Kody every 2-3 months, I love them every bit as much as my other 3 children,” Angle wrote on his website. “My only regret is that I was hardly ever home when Kyra and Kody were little ones. I was ALWAYS on the road wrestling for my tremendous fans. But I realize I can’t change my past. I can only control what’s in front of me now.”

3. His Daughter Giuliana Marie Angle Is Six Years Old

In 2008, Kurt Angle and his wife Karen divorced. Two years later, Angle became engaged to Giovanna Yannotti, whom he has been married to ever since. Kurt and Giovanna have had several children together, the oldest of whom is Giuliana, born in 2011.

Giuliana, who Kurt Angle calls “Squeaks,” is interested in dance, and Kurt frequently posts photos of her at dance class.

Evidently, Giuliana Angle went to her school’s orientation dressed in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading outfit, something Kurt Angle found hilarious and snapped a photo of for Instagram.

Giuliana Angle seemed to be interested in her father’s work from a young age, and when she was just two years old, Kurt posted a video online of Giuliana jumping off of him onto a doll like she was jumping off the top rope in a wrestling match.

4. His Daughter Sophia Laine Angle Is Four Years Old

Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannotti were married on July 20th, 2012. That December, they welcomed their second child: Sophia Laine Angle, who is now four years old.

When she was just three years old, Sophie Angle went to her very first wrestling class at the Angle Elite Wrestling Club.

Kurt later posted a photo of Sophie doing neck bridges at wrestling class, saying that she is a little badass.

In 2015, Kurt posted a video of Sophia falling onto a bed, writing, “Wow! My daughter Sophia knows how to take a bump at the age of 2. Will she be the next pro wrestler from the Angle Family? Hell no! My wife would kill me!”

Kurt also says that Sophie is into Olympic wrestling and that her favorite medalist is Helen Maroulis, not her father. “I’m cool with that,” Angle wrote on Instagram. “We all need a role model.”

5. His Youngest Daughter, Nikoletta Sky Angle, Is Eight Months Old

Kurt Angle and his wife welcomed another child just last year. On November 5th, 2016, Nikoletta Sky Angle was born.

Accompanying a photo of Nikoletta in her crib just a few weeks after the birth, Kurt Angle wrote, “I thank GOD everyday for the life i have and for giving me 5 healthy beautiful children. I am one happy man.”

A few weeks ago, Angle posted a video of Nikoletta crawling for the first time; Kurt placed a bunch of wrestling action figures on the floor, and Nikoletta picked up the Kurt Angle figure.

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