Kurt Angle Posts Instagram Photo With Jason Jordan & His Real Family

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WWE.comKurt Angle reveals that Jason Jordan is his son.

Kurt Angle is keeping kayfabe alive on his social media accounts, and he just recently posted a “family” photo with Jason Jordan.

In a photo that seems to have been taken backstage at Raw tonight, Angle is seen with Jason Jordan, as well as his wife, Giovanna Yannotti, and his three daughters, Giuliana, Sophia, and Nikoletta.

Obviously, Jason Jordan isn’t really Kurt Angle’s son. But that legitimately is Kurt Angle’s wife and daughters in this photo, and so Angle is intentionally mixing the fictional world of the WWE with the reality of his off-screen life.

Angle’s family had previously been mentioned as part of this WWE storyline. Leading up to the big reveal, Angle said that he was worried he was going to lose his family, though he later said that they were supportive of him.

This is not the first time Kurt Angle has kept kayfabe alive on social media. On his Twitter page, he recently retweeted a picture of Jason Jordan and called Jordan his son.

Still, Angle has not been committed to the bit 100 percent of the time. In a recent Facebook Q&A, Angle was asked how he gets into the mindset of pretending that Jordan is his son. Angle responded, “I thought to myself what it would be like to see my son Kody for the first time ever, and didn’t know it for 20 years. I thought if it were real, how would I feel?” 

Angle also recently posted about his “five beautiful children,” leaving off Jason Jordan, his theoretical sixth child.

In real life, Jordan has five children, two from his first marriage and three from his current marriage. He married Giovanna Yannotti in 2012.

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