Watch: Floyd Mayweather Says Conor McGregor Won’t Make Weight

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As the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor draws closer, the hype is only picking up steam. And Mayweather’s comments during a recent interview with aren’t likely to change that, as the boxing champion stated that McGregor is currently ‘extremely heavy.’ He also pointed out that he doesn’t believe that the 29-year-old MMA fighter will wind up making weight in time for the fight.

It goes without saying that this would obviously be a huge deal. Mayweather continues to state that if McGregor is overweight at the time of the fight, that Dana White or the UFC will need to get the “extra millions ready.”

For what it’s worth, Mayweather said that even if McGregor doesn’t make weight that they’re still going to fight, so there seems to be little concern about that.

With that said, it seems as though Mayweather could very well just be taking a guess at McGregor’s weight, and may actually have no idea where he’s currently at. Both fighters have made their fair share of controversial comments since the agreement on the fight happened. So stirring the pot just a bit more before the big fight on Saturday night wouldn’t really be all that surprising.

We’ll find out soon enough whether or not McGregor will actually make weight, and if he doesn’t? Well, in that case there very well may be a fine, but Mayweather doesn’t seem to care what weight his opponent fights at. And for those gearing up at home, the weigh in for the fight will happen on Friday, more than 24 hours before the actual fight begins.

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