Tiffany Stroud, Chris’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Professional golfer Chris Stroud, right, and his wife Tiffany.

Professional golfer Chris Stroud had the greatest moment of his PGA Tour career a week ago.

Stroud, 35, claimed his first Tour victory by edging out Greg Owen and Richy Weenski in a playoff during the Barracuda Championship on August 6.

Now, Stroud finds himself in the mix for a major championship. Stroud is near the top of the field for the last major of the year, the PGA Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. He isn’t alone at the PGA Championship, though.

Stroud’s joined in the crowd by many of his family members, including his daughters and his wife of over a decade, Tiffany.

Here’s what you need to know about Tiffany and Chris’s relationship:

1. Chris & Tiffany Married in 2006 & Have 2 Children

Professional golfer Chris Stroud, right, and his wife Tiffany.

It’s unclear how Chris and Tiffany met in the first place, but they got married in 2006. So far, the couple have two daughters: Halle, who was born on November 6, 2009, and Harper, who was born on June 11, 2012.

Oftentimes, Tiffany and her children will accompany Chris around the nation in tournaments and watch from the gallery.

During the 2013 Travelers Championship, Chris held Halle’s hand as he walked back to the scoring trailer following a round.

“Did you see Daddy’s shot? Where did it go?” Tiffany asked Halle at the scoring trailer as she pointed downward, the Hartford Courant reported.

2. The Strouds Are Active in Their Faith

Professional golfer Chris Stroud, right, and his wife Tiffany.

In 2009, Stroud opened up to about his faith and how important it is to him and his family.

Chris told the publication that he grew up in a Christian family, and his uncle and grandfather were Baptist preachers. When he was a child, he attended First Baptist Church in Groves, Texas.

Now with a family, Chris said he and his wife try to send the same message her learned when he was a child to his children.

According to the article, Chris attends a chapel service on Wednesday nights while on tour, and his wife often joins him when she travels along for tournaments. He said they “try to go as often as possible.”

“For the lifestyle we have, where we don’t get to go to church on Sunday or we’re traveling, it’s great to have someone out here stabilizing your life and keeping you strong in your faith,” Chris said.

3. Tiffany Remains Active in the Houston Community

Professional golfer Chris Stroud, right, and his wife Tiffany.

Tiffany posts many photos of herself along with Chris and their daughters to social media, but otherwise keeps a low social media profile.

At home in Houston, Tiffany works with the community to make it a better place. In May 2006, Tiffany, along with other golfers’ wives, presented a $10,000 check to a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Houston.

Although Chris is rarely home because of travel on the PGA Tour, he and his wife reportedly enjoy a fine meal at a few restaurants throughout the Houston area.

According to, Chris and Tiffany are big fans of the restaurant Ibiza and stop there for meals whenever they can.

“They will be the first to tell you that (the chef) lives up to the hype,” the article stated.

4. Tiffany & Chris’ Family Were in Houston to Support Him During a 2016 Tournament

Chris Stroud and his two daughters.

In 2016, Chris made a return to his native Houston to play in the Shell Houston Open. Along with him were many of his family members, who wore yellow shirts in the crowd. The family, when following him playing golf, refer to themselves as the “Stroud Crowd”

Along with Tiffany and the couples’ daughters in the crowd was Angel Dauphine, her cousin. When play was suspended on the second day of the tournament and it was known he would likely finish above the cut line, Dauphine told the Beaumont Enterprise that the family was ecstatic to see him compete at a high level.

“Chris has been doing great,” she told the publication. “He’s doing what we expected of him and that’s so good for everyone who came out and supported him.”

5. The Strouds Are Active Philanthropists

InstagramProfessional golfer Chris Stroud, right, and his wife Tiffany.

Chris and his family have used being a professional golfer as an opportunity to give back to the community as much as possible. He and Tiffany aren’t shy to give to charities, and he said to that he is a “strong supporter” of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, playing in many fundraisers as well as raising awareness whenever possible. In addition to that, Chris also works with children through the First Tee, a youth development golf program, the publication noted.

“I’m blessed,” he said. “I try to thank God every day. Even on my bad days, I’ll try my best to say, ‘Thank you for this opportunity.’ I work on that all the time.’”

The couple also support Kids Fore a Cause and in 2016 gifted $100 to a fundraiser named Foster Cecka through Texas Children’s Hospital.

“Keep up the good work Foster,” Tiffany and Chris wrote with their donation.

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