Floyd Mayweather Retirement: Will He Retire Again After McGregor Fight?

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Floyd Mayweather insists he is done with boxing for good.

Fans hoping Floyd Mayweather stepping back in the ring is a sign of things to come may be disappointed. Mayweather has been emphatic on his decision to stay retired- for good- after he boxes Conor McGregor.

Mayweather explained his decision to the Los Angeles Times.

“I gave my word already,” Mayweather told the Los Angeles Times. “Once I gave my word to my children, it’s the end. It came to an end. This is a great event. What better way to go out than with a bang?…You just know. I’m not going to tell you guys how I know. I just know. When your body has been pushed to the limit … once you’ve competed against everybody, your body has been pushed to the limit.”

This is not the first time Mayweather has pledged retirement. As the Los Angeles Times notes, Mayweather has retired at least three different times.

His most recent retirement in 2015 lasted until Mayweather came out of retirement to fight McGregor, a match that had been rumored for years. Mayweather entered the fight with McGregor with a chance to be a perfect 50-0, which would be as good a spot as any to call it quits for good.

If Mayweather is indeed hanging up the gloves, what are his long-term plans? Part of it includes plans to launch Mayweather Boxing and Fitness in neighborhoods all across the country. According to the USA Today, the first gym will launch in Southern California in November.

“Our fitness experience will have programs for kids, parents and aspiring athletes — anyone who’s looking to put energy into something positive,” Mayweather told the USA Today.

You can also expect Mayweather to continue wagering on sports. Mayweather, an avid gambler, admitted to ESPN that he, at times, bets millions of dollars on one sports bet.