WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Match Results & Spoilers August 7th

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WWE.com Roman Reigns will face Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing match tonight.

A new episode of Monday Night Raw just finished airing live on the USA Network. Here’s what happened:

10:47  Braun Strowman defeats Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match. Just as Roman is about to win, Samoa Joe enters from the crowd, locking in a Coquina Clutch on Roman. Braun then gets up just in time for Roman to be counted out, and he wins.

10:38 – Big Cass enters Kurt Angle’s office. He wants Big Show in a match at SummerSlam, as long as Enzo Amore is suspended above the ring in a shark cage. Angle agrees.

10:37 – Goldust says he’s excited to share his next great masterpiece with us at SummerSlam. He makes it sound like he’s going to be managing someone and will be watching SummerSlam carefully for a contender.

10:25 Nia Jax defeats Mickie James and Dana Brooke in a triple threat match. This means she will face Sasha Banks in a number one contender’s match next week.

10:19 – Backstage, Roman Reigns says he’s ready to retire Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam just like he retired The Undertaker. He will walk out as the new Universal Champion, he says.

10:13 – Akira Tozawa defeats Ariya Daivari. 

10:08 – Backstage, Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews hype up Akira Tozawa, saying that the Cruiserweight Championship is coming to Titus Worldwide. Neville enters, saying he’s here to scout his competition for SummerSlam, if Tozawa is indeed his opponent. He suggests that Tozawa might be taken out of action as a result of his match against Ariya Daivari tonight.

10:04 – After Seth Rollins has saved Dean Ambrose, Ambrose extends his fist for a fist bump, but Seth Rollins shakes his head and leaves.

9:41  Dean Ambrose defeats Cesaro. After the match ends, Sheamus runs in and joins Cesaro in attacking Ambrose. Seth Rollins quickly enters and defends Ambrose by attacking Cesaro and Sheamus.

9:33 – Finn Balor enters. He says that Bray Wyatt creeps him out, because he seems to care less about winning and more about hurting people. He warns Bray Wyatt that the next time he wants to come at him, he better not miss.

Bray Wyatt suddenly appears in the ring. He goes after Balor, but Balor is able to dodge his attacks and get in a sling blade. The lights go off, and Bray Wyatt disappears. He appears on screen, telling Balor to run.

9:22 – After the match ends, Big Cass attacks Big Show. After Big Cass chases Enzo Amore around the outside of the ring, Big Show punches Big Cass in the face and knocks him down. Big Show and Enzo leave while Show’s theme plays.

9:15  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeat Enzo Amore and Big Show. They win partially because Big Cass comes out and distracts Big Show.

9:09 – Enzo Amore enters, followed shortly by Big Show. Big Show talks about wanting to teach Big Cass a lesson in respect.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter. They call Enzo and Big Cass nerds, and Enzo suggests a match.

9:03 – Backstage, Braun Strowman says that he likes hurting Roman Reigns.

8:55 Sasha Banks defeats Alicia Fox and Emma in a triple threat match. This match ends when Sasha Banks makes Emma tap out with a Banks Statement.

8:46 – Bayley enters. In an in-ring interview, she says that she’s bummed that she has to leave due to her injury, but she thanks the fans for their support. She also says that she thinks Sasha Banks deserves the title shot against Alexa Bliss. Weirdly, a lot of the crowd boos Bayley during this segment.

8:39 Jason Jordan defeats a local jobber. 

8:38 – Backstage, Kurt Angle freaks out because Curtis Axel is injured and can’t compete against Jason Jordan. Angle finds a random jobber backstage and books him in the match against Jason Jordan.

8:36 – Backstage, Seth Rollins runs into Dean Ambrose. Ambrose tells Rollins that he told him not to get into a situation like that again because now he looks like a real jerk. Rollins asks what he has to do to prove that he has changed. Ambrose says he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t want to get burned again; them teaming up was a one time thing, and he has to go it alone, Ambrose says.

8:18 – Sheamus defeats Seth Rollins. Cesaro watches the match at ringside, and after the match ends, Cesaro and Sheamus both brawl with Seth Rollins. Cesaro and Sheamus are dominating Seth Rollins, and they keep looking over their shoulder expecting Dean Ambrose to come out and help Rollins. However, Ambrose never arrives.

8:03 – Kurt Angle enters. He says that Jason Jordan won’t be a guest on Miz TV tonight, but he has a match against Curtis Axel. However, Jordan says that he has secured a guest for Miz TV.

Just then, Brock Lesnar enters. Paul Heyman is about to start speaking, but Miz interrupts him, saying this is his show and he runs things around here. Miz goes on to say that Brock Lesnar is definitely going to lose at SummerSlam; it’s just a matter of whether Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman will take the title away from him.

Paul Heyman, who says he’s all about role play, decides that The Miz will stand in for Roman Reigns, Bo Dallas will stand in for Samoa Joe, and Curtis Axel will stand in for Braun Strowman as Brock Lesnar provides a preview of SummerSlam: Lesnar proceeds to take out all three of them quite easily, executing three F5’s in a row. He stands in the ring victorious with the Universal Championship.

8:00 – The Miz opens the show in the ring, demanding that Jason Jordan come out and join him. Miz says he’s so sick of being blindsided on Miz TV, so he would like to invite Jordan to Miz TV now.