NFL Week One is Here: Odds & Lines For Every Game

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Getty The Patriots were the best bet in the NFL last season.

Football season is here.

We said the same thing four weeks ago, but this time, the games count. The first regular season game is only days away, and we’ll have NFL football on our televisions every Sunday from now until February 11th, 2018.

The Patriots were the best bet against the spread last season, going 16-3 against the spread in 2016 according to But over the last three years, the best team to bet on may surprise you. Since 2014, no team has covered at a higher rate than the Minnesota Vikings, who beat the spread 67.3 percent of the time (the Pats were second at 64.8). The worst teams last season were the Niners (4-11 ATS), Rams (4-11) and Browns (4-12). Since 2014 the worst bet has been the Titans (30.4 percent ATS), but the Niners are not far behind (37).

Here’s the full Week One schedule with lines and totals via OddsShark:

Chiefs at Patriots

Line: Patriots -8.5
Total: 48

Jets at Bills

Line: Bills -9.5
Total: 40.5

Falcons at Bears

Line: Falcons -7
Total: 49.5

Jaguars at Texans

Line: Texans -5.5
Total: 39.5

Eagles at Redskins

Line: EV
Total: 47.5

Cardinals at Lions

Line: Cardinals -1.5
Total: 48

Raiders at Titans

Line: Titans -2
Total: 50.5

Buccaneers at Dolphins

Line: Bucs -2.5
Total: 42

Ravens at Bengals

Line: Bengals -3
Total: 42.5

Steelers at Browns

Line: Steelers -8
Total: 47

Colts at Rams

Line: Rams -3.5
Total: 41.5

Seahawks at Packers

Line: Packers -3
Total: 51

Panthers at 49ers

Line: Panthers -5.5
Total: 48

Giants at Cowboys

Line: Cowboys -3.5
Total: 47.5

Saints at Vikings

Line: Vikings -3.5
Total: 48

Chargers at Broncos

Line: Broncos -3.5
Total: 43.5

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