When Is WWE Hell in a Cell 2017? Date, Location & Start Time

WWE HIAC 2017 WWE.com

Two totally strange bedfellows will lock up in the scariest structure wrestling has ever concocted.

The two Superstars we’re alluding to are former United States Champion Kevin Owens and “Mr. Here Comes the Money” himself, Shane McMahon. Owens is tired of the supposed slights done to him by Shane. But Shane has every right in the world to take out his frustrations on Owens due to him injuring his father and himself. Their grudge will be settled in the most vicious way possible. INSIDE THE HELL…IN A CELL! *clears throat* Along with that HIAC bout, the current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will clash once more with Shinsuke Nakamura. Here’s hoping that Nakamura triumphantly ends Mahal’s painfully boring title reign…

Make sure you don’t miss one second of this SD Live PPV. Here’s the official date, location and Kickoff/main show start times for WWE Hell in a Cell 2017.


WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will take place on the WWE Network and PPV on October 8, 2017.




WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will emanate from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Kickoff Show Start Time



The Kickoff Show for WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 (which will feature Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs. The Hype Bros) will officially begin at 7 P.M. EST/4 P.M. PST. You can watch it on the WWE Network, WWE.com, the official WWE App, YouTube and several other devices/websites.

You’ll be able to access the WWE Network through the following devices/websites:

– PS3 or PS4
– Xbox 360 or Xbox One
– Sony Internet-connected TVs
– Samsung Smart TVs
– Panasonic Life+Screen Smart TVs
– Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire TV
– Apple TV
– Roku
– iOS enabled devices
– Android enabled devices
– WWE.com

Main Show Start Time

The main airing of WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will begin at 8 P.M. EST/5 P.M. PST. This is a WWE Network special event that will also air on PPV. You’ll be able to view it through the same means we listed above for the Kickoff Show.

You’ll be able to watch WWE No Hell in a Cell 2017 on PPV through the following cable providers:

– BrightHouse Networks
– Cable One
– Optimum (Channel 550 for HD or Channel 551 for SD)
– Charter
– Comcast (Xfinity)
– Cox Communications
– Knology
– Mediacom
– Suddenlink
– Time Warner Cable
– Verizon FIOS TV (Channel 1000 for SD or Channel 1001 for HD)

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