The Last Time Florida State Missed a Bowl

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Getty James Blackman and Florida State are one loss away from missing a bowl for the first time since 1981.

At Florida State, a bowl game has been as certain a part of the calendar as New Year’s Day since the 1981 season. Even though the NCAA doesn’t officially recognize its streak because of a vacated bowl win, the Seminoles have been to a bowl for 35 consecutive years, a full 11 years longer than the official streak of 24 from Virginia Tech.
But after a loss to Boston College on Friday night, the Seminoles’ bowl hopes for 2017 are on life support. Florida State now sports a 2-5 record. Because they had a game cancelled by Hurricane Irma, the Seminoles only have 11 games this year instead of 12, which means they’ve got to win all four of their remaining games to earn their sixth win and become eligible for a bowl. That slate includes games with Syracuse, Clemson, Delaware State and Florida.

If the Seminoles fail, they’ll miss a bowl for the first time since 1981. Here are a few things that happened the last year the Seminoles missed a bowl game, when they went 6-5 against a slate of independent schools, as they wouldn’t join the ACC for another decade.

Ronald Reagan was in His First Year as President

The Seminoles are actually the only team in college football that can claim a bowl streak through five different presidents, as their streak has gone through Ronald Reagan, both George Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Even if their streak ends without extending into Donald Trump’s administration, Virginia Tech would still be one administration behind FSU’s streak, as Trump was still three weeks from being inaugurated when bowls were played.

Muhammad Ali Retired From Boxing

Ali’s last fight came against Trevor Burbick, who would claim the heavyweight title five years later in 1986.

A House Cost an Average of $78,200

Florida State Bowl Streak, Florida State 1981, Florida State Bowls

GettyIn 1981, the last time Florida State missed a bowl, a house could be had for an average of less than $80,000.

The average cost of a house is now up to $286,909 to build a house from scratch, nearly four times what it was.

Prince Charles Married Lady Diana Spencer

At the time, Prince Charles was the 33-year-old heir apparent to the throne, having held the role as Prince of Wales for the past three decades. He’s now held the role for the past six decades, as he will turn 69 this year and his mother remains on the British throne.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Were The World Series Champions

That one might repeat itself, as the Dodgers are in the World Series for the first time since 1988, when they defeated Oakland in five games to claim their sixth world championship.

Jimbo Fisher Was in High School

Jimbo Fisher

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, now 52, was 16 when Florida State last missed a bowl.

At the time the streak began, Fisher was playing quarterback for Liberty High School in Clarksburg, W. Va. He would go on to play for Terry Bowden in college, starting the path that would lead him toward becoming Bobby Bowden’s offensive coordinator and eventually taking over the Seminoles. However, missing a bowl would mean he oversees Florida State’s worst season since 1976.