Will the Red Sox/Astros Game Be Postponed Due to Weather?

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Here on the east coast the weather isn’t exactly screaming “let’s play baseball” today. If anything, it’s gently whispering, “hey, let’s hang out inside and binge watch episodes This Is Us and have a few good cries.” However, with Game 4 of the American League Division Series set to start at 1 o’clock eastern standard time, the forecast is raising some questions about the game, specifically, will it happen.

According to reporters up at Fenway Park in Boston, Major League Baseball fully intends on starting to the game on time. On top of that, weather be damned, they are getting this game in today.

The Red Sox are currently down 2 games to 1, having avoiding elimination on Sunday, beating the Astros 10-3. If Boston were to win today, game 5 would be Wednesday afternoon in Houston.

As for the forecast in Boston, it’s not great.

Accuweather has rain forecasted off and on throughout the afternoon. They’re calling for a 57% chance of showers at 2pm and a 50% chance over the following two hours. If the game does get delayed at all, it only complicates things. The percentage for rain increases in the evening, topping 60% after 5pm.

Given the tight scheduling of playoffs, it does seem unlikely that Major League Baseball would be willing to postpone today’s game, given the possible repercussions and what it could mean for the next round of games.

Boston is turning to the 2016 American League Cy Young winner Rick Porcello to save their season. For the Astros, Charlie Morton takes the mound. Boston is definitely up against the wall in the series and only a handful of teams have ever come back and won a series when they’ve been in a situation like the Sox find themselves in.


However, Boston is one of those teams, having legendarily come back from being down 3 games to none versus the Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series.


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