Anna Congdon, Saquon Barkley’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Life is good for Saquon Barkley as the running back heads to the NFL, and just became a father for the first time. His girlfriend, Anna Congdon, gave birth to a baby girl on April 28, 2018.

The couple does not talk much publicly about their relationship, but can be seen showing affection to each other on social media. For example, Congdon let fans know the football field is not the only place where Barkley shows elusiveness.

“He’s [Saquon Barkley] alright on the field but you should see him on the dance floor,” Congdon posted on Instagram.

Learn more about Barkley and Congdon’s relationship.

1. The Couple Welcomed Jada Claire Barkley Into the World on April 24, 2018

Barkley announced on his Instagram that the couple welcomed their daughter into the world just two days before the 2018 NFL Draft. Barkley had a plan to leave the draft if Jada was not born prior to the draft. Thankfully, Saquon got to be there for the birth, and can attend the draft.

Barkley posted this lengthy message on Instagram announcing Jada’s birth.

Words can’t even describe how I feel right now. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank God for blessing me with you in my life and into my arms. I pray that I can be the best father to you and help you grow into an amazing woman. I love you so so so much #DaddysLittleGirl Jada Clare Barkley 4.24.18 ❤️

Just a month prior, Congdon noted on Instagram that the couple would meet their baby in April. The couple did not know the baby’s gender prior to Jada’s birth.

2. Congdon Is a Sophomore at Penn State

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According to Penn State, Barkley is majoring in journalism. By the looks of things, Barkley is a few years away from using his degree, as Barkley is the top rated NFL running back prospect.

Congdon is a sophomore at Penn State. One of Congdon’s tweets went viral over the summer, as she gave fans a little too much information about Barkley.

Barkley is known for his strength as much as his quick moves on the football field. Several workout videos have gone viral including Barkley squatting 495 pounds seven times and power cleaning 405 pounds as the videos below show.

Congdon tweeted Barkley is a “freak in every aspect of life.”

The tweet caused quite a stir, but Barkley simply responded with a heart emoji.

3. It Took Congdon 5 Months to Convince Barkley to Go to a Country Music Concert

Congdon looks to be a major country music fan, but it took some convincing for Barkley to join her at a show. “Only took 5 months of dating for sa to come to a country concert with me,” Congdon noted on Instagram. The concert took place at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Based on The Pavilion calendar, it looks like the couple attended a Dierks Bentley concert, and Congdon posted the above photo a few days after the concert.

Barkley is no stranger to music. According to The Morning Call, Penn State student Matt Freiler wrote a song about Barkley entitled “Saquon Barkley” which has become a favorite among Penn State fans. Barkley approves of the song.

“I like it; it’s catchy,” Barkley told The Morning Call.

You can listen to the song below.

4. Barkley Says Congdon Is “the One to Slow Me Down”

On Congdon’s birthday, Barkley took to Instagram to post a little rhyme about his girlfriend. “She was the one to slow me down, hold me down, I roll with it now!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE,” Barkley posted.

When Barkley is on the football field, defenses have been unable to slow him down. Barkley rushed for 1,496 yards and 18 touchdowns during the 2016 season. Through Penn State’s first six games, Barkley rushed for 649 yards and six touchdowns. He also had 395 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

5. In Addition to His Girlfriend, Barkley Is Supported Off the Field by His Family

Barkley’s relationship with Congdon has clearly been one of the bright spots for his life off the football field. Barkley has also been supported by his family. Despite some rocky times growing up, Barkley overcame a number of obstacles to become a top running back.

According to The Morning Call, his father, Alibay Barkley, used to walk his son to practice and games as the family was without a car. Alibay Barkley spent a year at Rikers Island Prison noting he made “bad choices”.

As her husband was battling drug addiction, Barkley’s mother, Tonya Johnson decided to move the family from the Bronx to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where some of her relatives were located. Her husband followed, and the relocation played a big part in turning things around.

Barkley has a good relationship with his parents, and notes his father has become his biggest fan.

“I love my family,” Barkley told The Morning Call. “My dad, he’s my biggest fan, him and my brother [Rashard]. My dad has been through a lot. He made that a big point when I was young: Don’t make the same mistakes he did in life.”

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