NFL Playoff Picture: Standings & Potential Wild Card Matchups After Week 14

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Getty Alvin Kamara has been the league's most exciting back this season.

We’re now down to the final three weeks of the NFL regular season, and both conferences still have plenty to play for. At the division level, the first title is almost ready to be settled. Can you guess which one it is?

If you guessed the same division that’s remained uncontested for the last decade, than you’d be correct. The AFC East is once again on ice, and the Patriots can clinch yet another division title with a win over a Buffalo loss this week. The only other division that could get locked up is the NFC East, where the Eagles could clinch if the Giants upset the Cowboys.

Other than those two scenarios, the playoffs are anybody’s game. Minnesota is running away with the NFC North, but a certain quarterback returning to action next week could throw a wrench in their plans.

At the bottom end of the standings, some teams have already found themselves in near must-win situations. The Falcons pulled out of one such hole, avoiding 7-6 by narrowly defeating the Saints on Thursday night. With so little to separate between the two teams, it’ll be interesting to see how much Alvin Kamara tilts the scales when the teams play again in two weeks.

In the AFC, it wouldn’t be December football without a pivotal Ravens-Steelers matchup. The Steelers have a decisive lead in the AFC North, but beating the Ravens would put their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. The Steelers are winners of seven straight games heading into Sunday night, but Pittsburgh’s defense has been thinning rapidly over the last few weeks. The serious injury to Ryan Shazier has serious impact on the Steelers run defense, who gave up their first team 100-yard rushing total in six weeks against the Bengals pitiful rushing offense.

Last year, the AFC West was replete with double-digit win teams. This year it should be a slugfest to the division title. The Chargers have rebounded from a sloppy start to look like the class of the group, but the Chiefs are still very dangerous despite the slump. The Raiders have somehow reached 6-6, but can’t be taken seriously despite their contending record.

For a full list of NFL tiebreaking procedures, click here.

Here’s how the early playoff standings after the early games:

AFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. New England Patriots — 10-2
2. Pittsburgh Steelers — 11-2
3. Tennessee Titans — 8-5
4. Kansas City Chiefs — 7-6

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. Jacksonville Jaguars — 9-4
6. Baltimore Ravens — 7-6
7. Buffalo Bills — 7-6
8. LA Chargers — 7-6

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Ravens at titans

Jaguars at Chiefs

NFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. Philadelphia Eagles — 11-2
2. Minnesota Vikings — 10-3
3. Los Angeles Rams — 9-4
4. New Orleans Saints — 9-4

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. Carolina Panthers — 9-4
6. Seattle Seahawks — 8-5
7. Atlanta Falcons — 8-5
8. Detroit Lions — 7-6

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Panthers at Saints

Seahawks at Rams

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