How Much Is the Cheapest Ticket at Super Bowl 52?

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Getty Fans will briefly brave the elements on their way into Super Bowl 52.

With the chance of seeing the Eagles win their first-ever Super Bowl, fans are making the pilgrimage to Minnesota for the big game. Because of this rare chance, ticket prices are up over 60 percent from last year, according to StubHub.

For Super Bowl 51 in Houston, the cheapest ticket was around $2,700. We’re hovering around that number for nosebleed seats early Sunday, and that number should steadily rise as the day increases. But at the minimum, you’ll need $2,400 to see the game if you bought your tickets the second this article posted.

If money is no option, there are several high-priced tickets available on StubHub. For $25,000 each, you can sit in the front row of section 113, which puts you field level at about the 10-yard line.

According to StubHub data, only 10 percent of tickets purchased this year were from Minnesota residents. That contrasts from a big city like Houston, where last year TicketCity reported that 51 percent of ticket buyers were local resident.

Last year in Houston, it wasn’t just the ticket prices that soared. NFL reporter Will Brinson noted that concessions were charging $16 for a burger, $12 for a beer, and $6 for a bottled water.

For something classier, patrons were charged $15 for a single-shot cocktail and $30 for a double.

For this year’s affair, U.S. Bank Stadium is offering some local fare along with items that reflect the participating teams. Philly is represented by a roast pork sandwich (classy cheesesteak), while New England is portrayed by a clam roll.

Minnesota is also known for it’s state fair food, and some local flavor will also be available. That includes turkey legs, pork chops on a stick, and cookie dough cones.

The real concession test comes next year, when Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta hosts the big game. The Falcons home stadium is notorious for their low concession prices, and it’ll be interesting to see if the prices change for the Super Bowl in 2019.

For fans travelling to the stadium, they’ll have to brave the elements during security checks. The game will be played indoors, but extra security will have people waiting in the cold, where the Minnesota temperature will flirt with negative numbers all day Sunday.

For anyone buying tickets through StubHub, the company is hosting an event to make ticket acquisition go as smooth as possible. Every ticket purchased includes a pass to the event, which is held at nearby Target Field. Fans have been able to pick up tickets there throughout the weekend, and Maria Menounos will emcee Sunday along with athletes and complimentary food and drinks.