Trump Tweets Super Bowl Prop: Prediction & Tracker

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Update: We got one! There was no early tweeting from Trump, but he hit send for the first time on Sunday in response to the train collision in South Carolina.

Yes, you can bet on the President’s Twitter. Welcome to the darkest corners of Super Bowl props. Step inside.

President Trump is known to take to Twitter on Sundays, and in his second Super Bowl as Commander-in-Chief, Vegas is taking odds on his social media activity.

The early action is off the board, and we’ll track it below. At Bovada, the betting line for total number of Trump tweets on Sunday was five. BetOnline posted an over/under of 5.5 tweets.

Thanks to, we can check previous Sundays and Super Bowls to give us a good barometer of what we’re dealing with.

Trump started 2018 silent on Twitter, but he’s made a habit of sending off Sunday morning tweets. Last week, two tweets shortly after 8 a.m. Eastern. The week before, he had sent three tweets before 8:30. Three weeks ago, Trump fired off seven tweets before 9 a.m..

On each of those three occasions, Trump stopped tweeting after his morning barrage. That could affect another prop, where some sportsbooks are asking how many times Trump will tweet during the game:

There’s a chance that Trump tweets during the game, but three tweets after sundown would be steep from Trump, especially on a Sunday.

The above tweet mentions in-game tweeting, but you can still bet on Trump’s Twitter after the game. 5Dimes is taking odds on a congratulatory tweet, and specifically which team Trump will mention first in a tweet. Note that this is the first time Trump mentions either team at any point on Sunday. Those odds are as follows:

Mentions Eagles First in Tweet +257
Mentions Patriots or Neither -370

Mentions Patriots First in Tweet +100
Mentions Eagles or Neither -140

Trump has clashed with the NFL numerous times over the years, and the most recent season was no different. In fact, one of Trump’s busiest tweeting Sundays was earlier this year, when he tweeted 11 times about the NFL and it’s players of the course of a weekend.

Trump Tweets Prop Prediction

While the NFL and Trump typically collide on Sundays, I don’t think we’ll see much action during the game itself. We’ll see the usual Sunday morning volley, and maybe a tweet after the game mentioning the White House.

If you think Trump will fall asleep for the end of the game, think again. He was right on top of the last Super Bowl, congratulating the Patriots on their comeback victory.

Given the above information, the best bet is Trump tweeting Patriots before Eagles. While he may not be a Patriots fan, he’s quick to remind people of his relationship with the organization and their quarterback. Trump has tweeted about Tom Brady 32 times since 2012, but those tweets seem to have stopped abruptly in November of 2015.

Stay with this page, as we’ll post every Trump tweet from Super Bowl Sunday.