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    A plane displaying the words "Loser Palooza" flew over the July 3, 2021, Trump rally in Florida as Trump spoke.

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    Fewer people have been watching the State of the Union and Joint Address to Congress over the past several years, even as it becomes easier to watch the speeches online through livestreams. Analysts watched carefully to see if the trend would continue with President Joe Biden.

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    Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is pointing the finger at Donald Trump after a claim of racism on the basketball court.

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    Kathryn Adams Limbaugh got behind the microphone on "The Rush Limbaugh" show today to announce to her husband's millions of fans that he had died. Listen to the broadcast.

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    Dana Martillo is a NYPD sergeant who was seen on video wearing cop-themed pro-Trump "Punisher" patches on her uniform at a Brooklyn Black Lives Matter protest.