Capa Aikman, Troy’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. & Mrs. Aikman ? @lilyro_

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Troy Aikman married the “love of his life” in Capa (formerly Mooty) Aikman. Capa is a Dallas area fashion retailer, and has two children from a previous relationship. Troy was a longtime quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and now works as a lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports. Troy has two daughters, Alexa and Jordan, from his first marriage with Rhonda Worthey.

Troy and Capa got married in September 2017. Troy has normally been very private when it comes to his family, but has been posting numerous photos with his new wife. The family looks to remain very active often posting photos of hikes, bike rides and other outdoor activities.

The couple got engaged in Italy, and kept the wedding extremely private with a Santa Barbra beach ceremony followed by a reception at the Four Seasons.

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1. The Couple Got Married in California in September 2017

In a September 2017 Instagram post, Troy announced his marriage to Capa. According to The Dallas Morning News, the ceremony was only open to family and close friends. Here’s how The Dallas Morning News described the ceremony.

Troy Aikman and his fiancée, Capa Mooty, were wed on Saturday in a small ceremony on the beach in Santa Barbara, Calif. For a man whose personal life has been under the microscope for decades, he handled this wedding with perfect subtlety. The ceremony was for close friends and family only. Aikman’s daughters, Jordan and Alexa, and Mooty’s sons, Luke and Val, attended.

The reception was at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara.

Prior to the wedding, Troy called Capa the “love of his life” in an Instagram post after he proposed on Lake Como in Italy.

2. Troy & Capa Both Have Children From Previous Relationships

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Troy has two daughters, Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley, from his first marriage to Rhonda Worthey. According to People, Capa has two sons from a previous relationship, meaning the couple’s new blended family has a total of four children.

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Troy admitted he tried to coach his daughters, but his competitiveness caused him to quickly give up youth coaching. Troy gave up the whistle in an effort not to damage his relationship with his daughters.

“I coached the girls as an assistant coach in a couple of sports, and I was way too competitive for that,” Troy told GQ. “I had the girls running sprints one day. One girl, she was playing grab-ass in the back of the line. She was probably six. I said, ‘If you want to goof around, there’s a playground over there…I knew my girls would see me in an entirely different light and I just didn’t want that. I just want to be Dad.”

3. Capa Works As a Fashion Retailer & Is a Co-Owner of a Mobile Fashion Boutique With Jerry Jones’ Daughter

According to the Star-Telegram, Capa works as a fashion retailer. People reported the couple had been dating since at least February 2016. According to DFW Style, Capa founded a mobile fashion boutique called Luxeliner with a group of friends, including Charlotte Jones Anderson, the daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Capa and fellow founder Jen Clark spoke to DFW Style about how the idea came to fruition.

We are five friends, Charlotte Jones Anderson, Jennifer Clark, Alyson Griffith, Capa Mooty, and Wendy Poston, who are passionate about fashion and thought, Why not start a mobile boutique?

We bought a FedEx truck, lacquered it black, and filled it with our most favorite things. We want it to feel like you are shopping in your best friend’s closet, and we have focused on buying what we love best. We also carry fun, easy gifts, and are striving to be like a Kitson-on-Wheels.

4. Troy Was Previously Married to Former Cowboys Publicist Rhonda Worthey

troy aikman ex wife, rhonda worthey

GettyTroy Aikman with first wife, Rhonda Worthey.

According to TMZ, Troy and his previous wife, Rhonda Worthey, got a divorce on April 12, 2011. The couple had been married for 10 years. After news of the divorce broke, Troy released a statement to The Dallas Morning News (via People).

This has been a difficult decision for Rhonda and me, but after 10 years of marriage we have decided to separate. We remain deeply committed to our children and respectfully ask that you honor our family s privacy during this period of adjustment.

Rhonda was the Cowboys publicist when Aikman was playing for the team. According to The Daily Mail, Rhonda received $1.75 million as part of the divorce settlement.

5. One of Barry Switzer’s Assistants Allegedly Spread Rumors About Troy’s Sexuality

According to Texas Monthly, one of Barry Switzer’s assistants helped spread rumors about Troy’s sexuality. The rumors ended up in Skip Bayless’ book Hell Bent, and Troy has denied the reports. Texas Monthly detailed how the rumors were spread.

What’s more, Switzer and his loyalists had little love for Aikman, in large part because Aikman never would publicly endorse him as a good coach. Hoping to get even, one of Switzer’s assistants spread a baseless story to reporters that Aikman was a racist because he criticized his black teammates more than he did his white teammates. (Aikman’s black teammates quickly came to his defense.) Though they had not a shred of evidence, a couple of Switzer allies spread the Aikman-is-gay rumor to a writer doing a book on the Cowboys, which, when published, so devastated him that he talked to lawyers about filing a lawsuit. ‘Here was Troy, trying to present the right image, refusing to get involved with groupies, not playing the role of the big swinging stud like other players, smart enough to stay away from potential paternity lawsuits, and for his efforts, the poor guy gets called gay,’ says Mickey Spagnola, a respected Dallas sportswriter who has covered the Cowboys for a decade. ‘And you know with that kind of vicious rumor, once it starts, it never ends.’ (For his part, Aikman no longer discusses the subject, saying it’s pointless to rehash ‘a bunch of stupid gossip.’)

Troy and Skip are now both employed by Fox, and Troy has been vocal about his disapproval.

“To say I’m disappointed in the hiring of Skip Bayless would be an enormous understatement,” Troy told Sports Illustrated. “Clearly, [Former Fox Sports president] Jamie Horowitz and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to building a successful organization. I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals, none of which applies to Skip Bayless.”