World Cup Memes 2018: Best Funny Putin Images & Others From Russia

putin memes

Getty Vladimir Putin provided lots of meme material during the opening day of the World Cup.

The 2018 World Cup is underway in Russia, and Russian president Vladimir Putin did not disappoint by providing us with the first of hopefully many funny memes for the tournament.

Russia got out to a splendid start with a 5-0 route of Saudi Arabia on home turf. Saudi Arabia had a poor showing, and looks like it could be one of the worst teams in the tournament. Here’s a look at some of the funny images from social media.

Putin Gives Us Our First World Cup Meme

After Russia scored its first of many goals, Putin looked at the Saudi Arabian representative and shrugged in Michael Jordan like fashion. There would be many more goals, and several more shrugs from Putin before the match was over. Putin welcomed fans from all over the world in his opening address before the match started as The Independent detailed.

We have been responsibly preparing to host this wonderful event and we have done our upmost for fans, athletes and experts to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a splendid football feast, and of course we hope they enjoy their stay in Russia, an open, hospitable and friendly country, and meet new friends – people with whom they share the same values.”

Let’s just think of it: we, the devoted fans of football, are so numerous where billions of people on our planet wherever we live, whatever traditions we hold, football brings us together in one single team and we are united by our affection for this spectacular, vibrant, uncompromising game and also players of these teams have a great degree of mutual understanding, a unity which cannot be affected by different language, ideology or faith. It represents the power of football and sport as a whole. The power of its humanistic beginning.

USA Is Watching the World Cup From Home

United States fans are still having trouble getting over not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. This image sums up the USMNT watching the tournament from home. The final day of qualifying went as bad as possible as the USA failed to get either a win or draw against Trinidad and Tobago. America did receive some good soccer news after the United States led bid with Mexico and Canada was named the hosts for the 2026 World Cup.

Trump Takes Credit for 2026 World Cup Bid

It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump took credit for helping North America secure the 2026 World Cup. Jokes aside, reports noted Trump worked behind the scenes to ensure FIFA that there would be no issues with fans of participating nations entering the country. Trump took to Twitter after the announcement was made to celebrate.

It Was a Difficult Day for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf gave up five goals in a rough opener. To his credit, Saudi Arabia struggled to possess the ball, and it was even more difficult to get shots on goal. Russia was constantly on the attack, putting a lot of pressure on Al-Mayouf.

Jose Mourinho Makes an Appearance

This photo take a slight jab at Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, who manages to stay in the news despite not being part of the World Cup. His public feud with France’s Paul Pogba has grabbed headlines leading up to the big tournament.

More Putin Memes From Day 1

With the match clearly out of hand, Putin was the story of the game with this modest gesture that exuded a lot of confidence about his country’s chances in the World Cup.