Jerry Jones Says Cowboys Players Have to Stand for the Anthem



Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones reiterated his stance that players should stand for the national anthem at Cowboys training camp today. Speaking with reporters, Jones said he would not stand by a player who wants to stay in the locker room while the anthem is playing.

“No, our policy is you stand for the anthem, toe on the line,” he said.

Jones’ comments come just days after the NFL put its new national anthem policy — which would require players to either stand or remain in the locker room — on hold following pressure from the NFLPA and public disappointment. It’s suspected that the policy fell through before it ever went into effect due to the fact that the Miami Dolphins were preparing to classify anthem protests as “conduct detrimental to the team,” thus resulting in fines and/or suspensions.

Nevertheless, Jerry Jones seems to be going through with a policy of his own for Dallas Cowboys personnel. Jones’ stance, however, directly contradicts what the NFL owners agreed upon when creating the now-stalled policy.

When NFL owners enacted the new national anthem rule, it stated that players wouldn’t be punished for staying in the locker room. Punishment could only come if players were on the field and not standing. By claiming that his players should not remain in the locker room, Jones is going back on his word.

Jones’ National Anthem Stance Doesn’t Come as a Surprise

During the 2017 season, Jones had strong words for any Cowboys player who chose to protest.

Jones Thinks President Trump Brings Up the National Anthem Issue Too Much

Even though Jones falls in line with President Trump on the national anthem debate, he told reporters that Trump’s interest in the conversation is “problematic.”

“His interest in what we’re doing is problematic, from my chair, and I would say in general the owners’ chair. It’s unprecedented, if you really think about it. But like the very game itself, that’s the way it is and we’ll deal with it,” Jones said.

The Cowboys Won’t Distance Themselves From Papa John’s

Numerous NFL franchises have cut ties with Papa John’s after learning that disgraced founder John Schnatter said the N-word on a conference call. The Cowboys, however, will not cut ties with the pizza company, Jones told the media.

“Some teams that have addressed the Papa John’s issue by distancing themselves do not have the same relationship that the Cowboys have with Papa John’s business in Texas,” he said.

Jones serves as a partner for 100 Papa John’s locations throughout Texas, so he has a monetary interest in seeing the chain do well.

“It’s very unfortunate for the company, and unfortunate for John,” Jones said. “But the bottom line is, we own those stores. It’s not an endorsement.”