Does Jimmy Garoppolo Have a Girlfriend?

Jimmy Garoppolo girlfriend


Jimmy Garoppolo appeared to have a girlfriend earlier this year, when he was spotted out on numerous dates with Alexandra King. According to TMZ, the 49ers quarterback was spotted at Disneyland with King back in March.

Garoppolo never confirmed or denied whether or not he was dating King, an Instagram model from Boston, Massachusetts, but the two were Instagram official back in February. Although Garoppolo never posted any pictures with King on his account, she posted a picture of herself with Jimmy G on Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, King — who has been inactive on Instagram over the past month — deleted the photo today.

It is believed that Garoppolo met King in Boston, while he was playing for the New England Patriots. According to Sports Gossip, the two had been dating for quite some time, but only went public with their relationship after Garoppolo was traded to San Fran.

The two have not been spotted together in months. The status of their relationship is unclear at this time and it is unknown how serious their relationship was to begin with.

When they were first thought to be an item, Sports Gossip reported that Garoppolo wasn’t ready to settle down, and that he was still messaging other women despite taking King out on dates.

“That doesn’t mean he’s not going to answer those DMs ladies. The tipster also pointed out she hasn’t been able to focus his wandering eye, ‘Despite being her Valentine, Jimmy still likes to follow and message ladies on Instagram,'” the site reported. Of course, it’s unknown if there is any truth to this.

King’s most recent Instagram posts were uploaded back in June. She posted two pictures of herself standing outside of a black Mercedes Benz. One photo’s caption reads “be,” while the other reads “careful.” Her captions weren’t given any context.

And, while the footballer is getting ready to head to training camp, it seems as though he may also have his eye on a new woman. Garoppolo was spotted out on an apparent date with porn star Kiara Mia. The two were seen holding hands at Avra, an eatery located in Beverly Hills. In video footage obtained by TMZ, Garoppolo and Mia can be seen drinking wine, smiling, and talking over what appears to be a romantic dinner. You can watch the video below.

It seems as though King’s decision to delete her post may have been directly correlated to the new interest in Garoppolo’s love life.

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