Last Chance U Season 4 Location Has Not Been Announced

Last Chance U had a new locale this season at Independence Community College, but Netflix has yet to announce its plans for Season 4. This season marked the first time in the series history that Last Chance U was not in Scooba, Mississippi following the EMCC football team. Season 3 was received with mixed reviews, and some fans are hoping Last Chance U returns to EMCC for next season. Where will Last Chance U be filmed for Season 4? While it has not been announced, it appears likely that Season 4 will remain at Independence.

Independence RB Davijuan Dean indicated on Twitter that Last Chance U will be back in Kansas for Season 4.

“Y’all think Last Chance U season 3 was good just wait till y’all see season 4 next year! 😳 Y’all gon see some lunatics. 😈😈💯 #DreamU,” Dean tweeted.

Dean also has “Last Chance U Szn 4” posted in his bio, which would make sense given the camera crews are likely to start filming before the season. For example, Season 3 documented Independence’s 2017 season even though it was released in 2018. It seems like director Greg Whiteley prefers to spend two seasons at each school before moving on to a new school. Whiteley spoke to SB Nation about the process of switching schools.

I think there was the same anxieties heading into Season 3, but zero of them had to do with moving to a new school. All of us had felt that we had kind of told the story that we wanted to tell in Scooba, and we were ready to go to another school and see what stories that they had. We were convinced that there would be good stories to tell. Part of our process in trying to find a new place answered a lot of those anxieties and concerns.

I just know we were chomping at the bit to get to Independence’s campus, based on what we had learned. Part of it was, we looked up their coach online, and he had a really interesting history of bouncing around a couple junior colleges and a few high schools in Southern California. And our phone conversation with him was an all-timer. He’s a 100 percent hustler in the very best sense of the word. We all just adored him.

Season 3 focused on a new cast of characters including head coach Jason Brown and former Florida State quarterback Malik Henry. Brown’s predecessor, Buddy Stephens, had campaigned for a third season at EMCC.

“There’s a whole lotta story still to be written,” Stephens told USA Today in 2017. “All new kids, new coaches on the offensive side of the ball, a new defensive coordinator. It would show a whole new view.”

For those who have already watched all of Season 3, you will likely have to wait another year to see Season 4. Netflix typically releases Last Chance U every year in late July. Fans can expect an official announcement on the location in the coming weeks, but all signs point to Independence for a second consecutive season.