Neymar Memes: The Best Funny World Cup Photos & Videos

neymar memes rolling

Getty Neymar's flopping has created numerous meme opportunities, and the internet has taken full advantage of it.

Neymar is known as one of the best soccer players in the world, but the Brazil forward has been known to embellish fouls. There have been several times Neymar has been rolling around the field to sell a penalty, which has caused the internet to create numerous funny memes at his expense.

Here are some of the funniest Neymar memes of the 2018 World Cup.

Some Are Comparing Neymar to a KFC Commercial Running in South Africa

While Neymar is never mentioned by name, fans are drawing some comparisons from this man in the KFC commercial to Neymar. In the commercial, the player rolls all the way from the pitch to outside the stadium, until he finally rolls his way into a KFC for some chicken.

Neymar Keeps “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin”

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The video above is approaching close to half a million views. Set to Limp Bizkit’s famout 90’s song “Rollin”, the video shows Neymar rolling across the world. Neymar rolls into people, down mountains and even into a spider web. All that is missing from the video is Neymar rocking a backwards red Yankees cap like Fred Durst used to do back in the day.

Users have started to create their own videos. The one below features Neymar rolling at Fenway Park, on a golf course and on a bowling lane just to name a few of the scenes.

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Neymar’s antics has even caused some players try to pick him up off the ground, like one of the Mexico players did during their quarterfinal matchup.

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Neymar defended his actions after the match with Mexico, explaining that he was stepped on.

“They stepped on me; that wasn’t fair,” Neymar told TV Globo (via ESPN). “You can’t do that. They talked a lot but now they’re going home.”

Here is Neymar as the actual soccer ball.

Here is another image showing the different poses of Neymar.

Heading Into the Quarterfinals, Neymar Has Spent an Estimated 14 Minutes on the Ground During the World Cup

A Swiss TV station has timed how long Neymar has spent on the ground during the World Cup. Through Brazil’s first four matches, Neymar has spent approximately 14 minutes on the grass. While Neymar does exaggerate at times, he also takes his fair share of punishment. According to Yahoo Sports, Neymar drew 10 fouls, the most of anyone in the World Cup, in Brazil’s first match against Switzerland.

Kids Are Doing Their Best Neymar Impression

Even kids are getting in on the action. In the video above, kids were practicing soccer like normal when someone yells “Neymar”, and all the kids dropped to the ground.

Neymar, Time For a Team Photo

This image takes on the pre-match photo tradition as Neymar is falling out of the team photo. Mexico’s manager Juan Carlos Osorio was critical of Neymar after the Brazil-Mexico match.

“We had control of the match, but to me it is just shameful that so much time could be lost over one player,” Osorio explained to ESPN. “The delay for one player was even four minutes, and that is a lesson for even children who play. This should be a game of men and not so much clowning around.”