Bruna Marquezine, Neymar’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Neymar pictured with girlfriend Bruna Marquezine.

Neymar and girlfriend Bruna Marquezine have made their fair share of headlines over the years. Neymar (whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) and Bruna appear to be hitting their stride together after several public breakups. It is Bruna who has been by Neymar’s side throughout several serious injuries, including the 2014 World Cup. Some may expect Neymar to feel a lot of pressure to return Brazil to glory, but the soccer star notes he embraces the challenge.

“It’s been a dream since I was young, and today it’s right before me: I’m Brazil’s number 10, I’m going to play in my own country,” Neymar told “I can’t see that as pressure. It has to give me pride and happiness to take onto the pitch. I can’t wait to shout ‘We’re champions!’ They say, ‘You’re under pressure, being the big name in the squad.’ I’m not under pressure, I’m happy. I’ve always done things my way. I’ve had press with me since I was 13, saying I’d be the new Robinho. I’m someone who doesn’t really worry. If you don’t tell me that I’m Neymar and that I play for Barcelona and Brazil, I’ll forget it. People imagine me as they see me on television, but I’m completely different because I don’t feel pressure about anything.”

Bruna knows what it is like to be under pressure, as she is a famous actress in Brazil. She starred in her first role when she was just five, and combined with Neymar the duo is one of the most famous couples in Brazil.

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1. Bruna Started Acting as a Child Appearing in Both Movies & TV Shows

Bruna is a top actress in Brazil who started as a child actor. According to the Standard, her first role came on the soap opera Mulheres Apaixonasdas when she was just five. She starred in a number of movies including Women in Love, America and Snakes & Lizards. Bruna has also appeared in several television shows including Deus Slave o Rei, I Love Paraisopolis and Brave Women.

Bruna was born on August 4, 1995 in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The actress also has a younger sister named Luana who was born in 2002. According to IMDB, Bruna has 26 acting credits in addition to 22 credits where she played herself.

2. The Couple Has Broken Up Several Times

Back in 2014, the couple went their separate ways. According to the Standard, Bruna and Neymar got back together in 2017 only to break up again. Their relationship status looks steady heading into the 2018 World Cup as the couple just appeared in a steamy C&A ad. Neymar reluctantly talked about their breakup at a 2017 charity event in Sao Paulo.

“I do not like to talk about personal things,” Neymar explained to The Sun. “But yes, me and Bruna are separated. It’s a decision we have taken. It was a decision of both parties. Bruna is a girl I admire a lot and I hope she is happy, not only professionally but in her personal life. Life goes on, because this is a part of it. We end as good friends.”

3. Bruna’s Biggest Dream Is to Be a Wife & Mother to Twins

Bruna admits she wants do be a mother someday, and is very specific about her goals. Bruna not only wants to be a mom, but would like to have twins.

“I will continue working, but I will with my husband and be a mother of twins,” Bruna had admitted per Yahoo Sports. “My biggest dream is to be a mother.”

According to the Daily Mail, Neymar had prepared to propose to Bruna on his birthday in 2017. The Daily Mail noted Neymar had purchased a ring, and was rehearsing what to say on the couple’s trip to Las Vegas. Ultimately, a family member close to Neymar convinced him not to. Things took a turn for worst on the couple’s 2017 trip to South Africa as one of Neymar’s friends detailed to The Daily Mail.

At one point, Neymar confronted Bruna, asking if she did or didn’t want to be his life. After all he had long talked of her as his woman on social networks.

‘Bruna thinks it’s too early for her to think about getting married, as her career is only just beginning. When Neymar heard the negative response, he got embarrassed and that was the end.

4. Bruna Denied That Neymar Proposed to Her

Things seem to have smoothed out now that the couple is back together. After the couple’s brief breakup, there was speculation that Neymar had proposed to Bruna only to be turned down. In an interview with Cosmo, Bruna denied that Neymar had proposed to her, and reinforced her desire to be a wife and mother when the time was right.

“I wasn’t asked to marry him and it wasn’t because of his haircut,” Bruna told Cosmos (via Daily Mail). “None of the websites got the right reason. Because, in fact, there doesn’t need to be a reason. I have the feeling that people don’t know me and that the media sells an image very different to who I am. I dream of being a mother. Since I was young I was that child who said she wanted to have children and I have the feeling I will be a young mother. I need to be in a relationship for this, maybe not a marriage, but a stable relationship.”

5. Neymar & Bruna Have a Nickname of “Brumar” in Brazil

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Some fans call the couple “Brumar.”

Neymar and Bruna form one of the most recognizable couples in Brazil. With that comes nicknames, and some fans in Brazil have taken to calling the couple “Brumar.” Things have not been easy for the couple as they have endured multiple breakups. Things appear to be as good as ever, but some believe the previous breakup had to do with long-term commitment.

Yahoo Sports reported that it was Bruna that wanted to be married that resulted in their initial breakup.

Many sources have claimed that the breakup was caused by jealousy and by the refusal of Neymar to marry her in the short-term. The couple’s long-distance situation also deeply affected their relationship, with the striker choosing to focus on his career at the Spanish giants.