5 Best Mouthguards for Kids: Compare, Buy & Save

best mouthguards for kids

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While super fun and loaded with health benefits, playing sports can be dangerous, especially for childdren. Nearly every sport you can think of has protective equipment. And even more so in sports with more contact, like football, hockey, and lacrosse, to name a few.

Those sports recommend padding for nearly every part of your body. And one of the most important parts to protect is your mouth — lips, teeth, gums, and all. So it’s highly recommended to invest in a quality kids mouthguard.

There are countless mouthguards and pieces on the market today which serve all sorts of purposes, but mostly protection. There are mouthguards with straps and without, flavored ones (yum), ones constructed to offer lip protection, and ones specifically designed for kids who wear braces (because not all do). And we’ve created a list below that talks about all the different kinds to help your decision that much easier.

Also, don’t worry about breaking the bank; you won’t pay much more than $20 for a quality mouthpiece and in some cases just over $10.

So what do you say we get to it? OK, here we go.

What are the best mouthguards for kids?

1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard – From $9.99

shock doctor mouthguard for kids

(Amazon/Shock Doctor)

Pros: Cons:
  • Available in both flavored and non-flavored
  • Durable triple layer design with breathing channels
  • Includes a $10,000 Dental Warranty
  • Comes with a strap if using it for football
  • Won’t fit for those who wear braces
  • Some might find the “boil and mold” method difficult
  • Some felt the sizing was off — too small

The Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard by Shock Doctor is designed to give maximum comfort and protection. The triple-layer construction features a Gel-Fit Liner for comfortable, custom fit, a heavy duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame that provides protection upon impact, and integrated breathing channels.

Another of the Gel Max is that you can get in flavored and non-flavored models. The flavored ones include Cherry (pictured above), Mint, Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Bubble Gum.

It comes with a tether, so you can attach it to your facemask for football and lacrosse or use it strapless for a multitude of other sports. Available in nearly 9 different non-flavored colors, the mouthpiece can be used for a number of different sports and is also available in adult sizes. Another plus — it comes with a $10,000 dental warranty.

Buy the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard here.

2. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouth Guard – From $14.40

best sports mouthguards

(Shock Doctor/Amazon)

Pros: Cons:
  • Offers supreme lip protection
  • Can be worn over braces
  • Available in nearly 40 color styles
  • Air Flow Channel, which provides maximum oxygen
  • Some users experienced durability issues
  • Some users felt the product design didn’t match the description

If you’re looking for extra lip protection, the Max AirFlow Lipguard Convertible Mouth Guard from Shock Doctor is what you need. Also highlighted by an Air Flow Channel, which is designed to get you the oxygen you need to stay fresh on the field, this guard will help prevent lip and other mouth injuries.

The Max AirFlow is made of medical grade silicone so you won’t need to boil it before using; it’s an instant custom fit. It also features “I-Beam Stability,” which supports the shape of the air channel and protection from bite impacts. In addition, the Max AirFlow is braces-friendly, comes with a strap, and has a $10,000 dental warranty.

Available in nearly 40 color and cool scheme designs can be used in a number of sports (football, hockey, lacrosse, MMA, basketball, and boxing, to name a few) also comes in adult sizes as well as the updated Max AirFlow 2.0 version. But because of its versatility, this is one of the best mouthguards for kids.

Buy the Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouth Guard here.

3. Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard – From $14.33

best battle mouthguards for kids


Pros: Cons:
  • Users like the sleek fang design
  • Can be worn by users with braces
  • Made of Battle’s patent pending Ever-Mold composite
  • $35,000 dental warranty
  • Only has molding for the top teeth
  • Some users might find the boil and mold process difficult

If you’re in the market for a cool design that the kids will love while getting great value, then look no further than the Battle Fang-Edition 2-Pack Mouthguard set. These are made of Battle’s patent pending Ever-Mold Composite, which helps with durability and protection. There’s also a $35,000 dental warranty included.

As for other features, the mouthpieces are the “boil and mold” method. But you can re-boil and remold them multiple times. And if your child wears braces, you’re in luck as they are compatible with them. Each order includes a quick-release removable strap to attach to facemasks.

There are 9 different color schemes — Black/White, Blue/White, Gold/Black (pictured above), Neon Green/White, Neon Yellow/Black, Pink, Red/Silver, Red/White, and Silver/Black — and can be used in a variety of sports. The Battle Fangs Mouthguards are also unisex and available in adult sizes.

Buy the Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard here.

4. Safe-T-Gard 10-Piece Team Pack Mouthguards with Strap – $13.99

best mouthguards for kids


Pros: Cons:
  • BPA and latex free with FDA approved coloring
  • You get 10 mouthguards for under $15
  • Mouthpiece itself can easily be cut to fit all mouths
  • Gets a custom fit in 10 seconds
  • Boil and mold process can be difficult for some
  • Strap can’t be removed
  • Best suited for sports with helmets and facemasks

If you’re buying for bulk with connected straps and are on a budget, check out the Safe-T-Gard Mouthguards. They come in a pack of 10 and can easily hook onto a facemask, so they’re probably best for football, hockey, and lacrosse. And they’re also great for “chewers,” the kids who like to chomp on their mouthguard, which is quite common. The fact they come in at under $15 ($13.99, to be exact), that’s a great bargain.

These need to be boiled then fit to your child’s mouth, but you can get a customized and comfortable fit in 10 seconds. The Safe-T-Gard mouthpieces are available in 7 different colors and the dye used is FDA approved. They’re also BPA and latex free. Each purchase includes an $8,000 dental warranty. Each mouthguard comes individually wrapped.

While the Safe-T-Gard’s might not be the most household names in the business, because of the value and protection they offer, they are one the best mouthguards for kids on the market today.

Buy the Safe-T-Gard 10-Piece Team Pack Mouthguards with Strap here.

5. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard – From $12.26

shock doctor mouthguards for kids

(Shock Doctor/Amazon)

Pros: Cons:
  • Ideal for athletes with braces
  • Made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone
  • It adapts to changes in your mouth as the teeth adjust
  • Has ventilation channels for better air flow
  • Some users felt the larger size made it uncomfortable
  • Some users experienced durability issues

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that Shock Doctor is on this list again. They are considered one of the best in the business. And this particular model is perfect for the athlete with braces. Offering protection for both the upper and lower teeth, the Double Braces Mouthguard is designed to conform to your mouth instantly and adapt to changes as your teeth adjust over time.

And breathing channels will ensure extra airflow to keep you fresh on the field. Made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone, the mouthpiece can come in Red, Blue, Pink, and Fangs design and in strapped or strapless options. Adult sizes are also available. If using this for wrestling, the mouthpiece conforms to National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules if the athlete has upper braces only.

Buy the Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard here.

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