Hue Jackson’s Brother & Mother’s Deaths Loom Over Hard Knocks

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Getty Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is mourning the loss of his brother and mother.

Hue Jackson has been the focal point on HBO’s Hard Knocks, as the coach mourns the loss of his brother and mother. Jackson’s brother, John Jackson Jr., died just two weeks before his mother, Betty Lee Jackson, passed away. Jackson’s brother passed away prior to the filming of Hard Knocks.

At the beginning of Episode 1, we hear Jackson talking to his sister on the phone, and it is revealed that his mother is not doing well. Later on, the viewers learn Jackson’s mom has passed away. A good portion of the first episode is watching how the Browns players and staff members come around the head coach. Hard Knocks offers rare access into the day-to-day operations of an NFL team, but there are some scenes with Jackson that are difficult to watch as he grieves the loss of his family members.

Jackson’s agent, John Thornton spoke with about how the coach is dealing with the tragedies.

“It’s been really tough on him,” Thornton, told “He’s just trying to let football help him out. But to have two tragedies like this back-to-back has been really difficult…At any given time he’s got two cameras in his office. He’s doing the best he can not to let his emotions get the best of him. He knows he has to be there for the team…Losing two important people in his life in the span of two weeks has really hit him hard.”

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Hue Jackson’s Brother’s Cause of Death Is Unknown While His Mother Had Been Battling an Illness

According to, the cause of death for Jackson’s brother is unknown, aside from it being characterized as unexpected. Jackson’s mom had been battling a “long illness” prior to his death. Jackson’s mother was 83 years old at her time of death.

Jackson has continued to carry on his coaching duties during this difficult time. There was a scene in Hard Knocks where Jackson tells his coaching staff of his mother’s death, then continues to dissect the film they are watching. After the deaths, Jackson released a statement to ESPN.

It’s been a difficult period of time for me but everyone has to go through this in life. It’s not easy but I always try to focus on the fond memories I’ve shared with the people I’ve lost and that helps get you through it. Dee, Jimmy, our players, coaches and really the entire organization have been so supportive and that helps.

Jackson was such a main part of the first episode of Hard Knocks, and it will be interesting to see how the show handles Jackson’s family life moving forward. The Browns went winless last season, and it is hard not to be rooting for them to turn things around after seeing all that the head coach is balancing heading into the 2018 season.