Everson Griffen Update: Vikings Player Being Evaluated at Local Hospital

everson griffen

Getty Everson Griffen was checked into a hospital for a mental evaluation.

As more details emerge about Emerson Griffen, it is clear the Minnesota Vikings defensive end is going through a very difficult time. Based on multiple police reports, here is what we know so far about some of this weekend’s events.

Griffen was suspected to be involved at an incident at Hotel Ivy. As part of a separate incident, his wife Tiffany Griffen called police after he was acting erratic at Vikings teammate Trae Waynes’ home. After agreeing to go with police to be evaluated, he fled an ambulance after fearing for his life.

ESPN reported Griffen had been given a letter from the Vikings banning him from team activities until he underwent a mental health evaluation. From reports, several members of the Vikings staff had observed suspicous behavior from the defensive end.

Here is a summary of what we know so far.

Griffen’s Wife, Ashley, Was Concerned For Griffen’s Well-Being & Called Police

Giffen’s wife met with police to discuss her husband’s behavior. She would later call police when her husband went to Waynes’ home. There is some indication she believed he was breaking in, but Waynes later denied that Griffen tried to break-in to their home. Deadspin detailed Ashley’s account of her husband’s behavior from the police report.

Tiffany said that Everson has not been acting normal lately. She stated that last Sunday on 09-16-18 they were sleeping and in the middle of the night he got up and left. Tiffany said that he does this from time to time as he is fighting with “demons” in his head and that it’s normal for him to run away and has done this throughout his life. Tiffany said that Everson didn’t return home until Wednesday 09-19-18. He said they verbally argued for a little bit and left about an hour later. Tiffany said that Everson didn’t return home until earlier in the moming Saturday 09-22-l8. Tiffany said she was taking a shower and he walked into the bathroom and the first thing he said to her was “So who Died?” Everson then made a comment about “I just want help.” Tiffany said he didn’t make any sense and asked him what he was talking about. A short time later Everson told Tiffany to get the f— out.

Vikings Staff Members Observed Erratic Behavior That Caused the TeamTo Bar Giffen From Team Activities Until He Underwent a Mental Health Evaluation

According to police reports obtained by Deadspin, Vikings player development director Leslie Pico believed Griffen was suffering from paranoia. Pico observed odd behavior from Griffen during practices.

[Pico] stated that Everson is facing a possible divorce with his wife. Pico said that during practice this past week Everson has been explosive, screaming and yelling in the work place. Pico said that management sent him and his agent a letter on Thursday 09-20-18 stating he is not allowed back until he has a mental health evaluation. Pico said Everson has paranoia and has been repeating himself lately. Pico said that Everson called him on Saturday 09-22-18 and said he wanted to talk to him at his house. Everson then changed the location to Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis. When Pico got to Hotel Ivy, Everson forgot that he wanted to speak to Pico and didn’t want to talk to him. Pico said at no time did Everson make any comments about wanting to hurt himself or others. Pico said Everson is very smart about not making comments like that. Pico said that Everson’s speech is rapid and his conversations were irrational. Pico stated while the Minnesota Vikings want Everson to get a mental health evaluation, there is nothing that Everson has said or done that would rise it to the level where immediate action needs to be taken.

Griffen later agreed to go to the hospital for evaluation but he “got up and jumped out of the ambulance because he was in fear that someone was going to shoot him” per Deadspin. The latest ESPN report notes Griffen is being held at the hospital for evaluations. There has been no timetable reported about a potential return to the team.

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