WATCH: Jimmy Garoppolo Injury Takes Him Out of the Game

Jimmy Garoppolo was ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs after he ran into the Chiefs’ defense on his way down the field. Rather than running out of bounds, Garoppolo ran straight into cornerback Steven Nelson. After the collision, Garoppolo was seen down on the field, rolling around a bit, clearly in a good deal of pain. There was no flag on the play.

Garoppolo was able to walk off the field but was later carted off the sidelines and taken inside where he was looked at by the 49ers medical staff.

“It appears the #49ers medical staff is looking at Jimmy Garoppolo left leg,” tweeted Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports. “Jimmy Garoppolo sustained [a] knee injury. He just passed me in a cart on [his] way to #49ers locker room. He was visibly upset,” Maiocco tweeted. “[He] got evaluated and just hopped on one leg down [the] hallway into [the] locker room,” he added a short time later.

Several fans have been speculating on what might have happened to Garoppolo, many thinking that he may have torn his ACL. At this time, however, there has not been an official update from the 49ers organization.

Back in February, Garoppolo inked a five-year, $137.5 million deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The deal, which included a $7 million signing bonus, effectively made Garoppolo the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

“The $27.5 million per year average tops the $27 million average that Matthew Stafford received in a new contract extension from the Detroit Lions in 2017, but will almost certainly be topped by whatever contract is given to Kirk Cousins in free agency and a deal that Aaron Rodgers is expected to get from the Green Bay Packers sometime during the 2018 offseason,” SB Nation reports.

The Chiefs ended up beating the 49ers, 38-27 in today’s game.

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