Julia Rohden, Juan Martin del Potro’s Rumored Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Juan Martin del Potro girlfriend


Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro is facing off against Rafael Nadal on Friday, September 7, in the U.S. Open semi-finals.

One person who might be cheering del Potro on is his rumored girlfriend, Julia Rohden. According to The Sun, the two have been together for five years. However, del Potro dated Jimena Baron in 2017, so his relationship timeline with Rohden is unclear. The Sun posted some photos of whom the outlet claims is Rohden, but the identity of the woman behind the sunglasses is unconfirmed.

The outlet previously reported that Rohden was with del Potro in 2017 at the U.S. Open, but at that time, he was linked to Baron. In fact, it is believed that the two broke up earlier this year.

Del Potro hasn’t shared any photos with Rohden on his Instagram account, but both The Sun and Express UK confirm that the two are indeed dating.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She & del Potro Met in 2013, but Their Dating History Is Unclear

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According to The Sun, Rohden and del Potro first met back in 2013. The Sun also claims that Rohden and del Potro have been dating for five years, but he had a public relationship with another woman that just ended this year, so the timeframe isn’t clear.

It is possible that Rohden and del Potro met in 2013 and dated for a short while before splitting. It appears as though Rohden and del Potro may have reignited their romance after his split from Jimena Baron, but the two haven’t shared any photos on social media, nor have they confirmed their relationship in any other way.

When del Potro takes on Nadal, many eyes will be scanning the stands to see if Rohden is on-hand to cheer on her boyfriend.

2. She Has Won Model of the Year in Argentina 3 Years in a Row

Rohden started modeling when she was a teenager. She has done campaigns for Cerini, Falabella, Kosiuko, and Caro Cuore, to name a few. She has won “Model of the Year” in her home country of Argentina three times.

According to The Sun, Rohden is signed with Dotto Models.

3. She Grew up in Misiones, Argentina, a Province of About 1 Million People

The 23-year-old Rohden was born in Argentina and grew up in Misiones, one of the country’s 23 provinces. As of 2010, there were 1,101,593 people living in Misiones. The province is the second smallest in the country.

Juan del Potro was born in Tandil, Argentina.

4. She Is a Blonde, but ‘The Sun’ Shared Photos of a Woman With Brown Hair

To add more confusion to who del Potro is dating, the photos of Rohden posted by The Sun and a few other outlets don’t seem to match the look of the model.

Rohden is a blonde. It’s unclear if that is her natural hair color or if she’s a natural brunette, but these days, Rohden is sporting much darker locks.

Rohden doesn’t have a huge social media presence, and hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram account since 2014. There aren’t many recent photos of her to compare to how she looks now, so seeing her on television or in still photos may be confusing.

5. Del Potro Previously Dated Singer Jimena Baron, but They Broke up Earlier This Year

Del Potro previously dated well-known singer Jimena Baron. The two had been very close, and were huge parts of each other’s lives. Baron was a supporter of del Potro’s career, and often posted things on social media to show how proud she was of her man.

“I am happy to keep playing tennis after all my issues. Being in the top 10 is something good but I still have many things to improve. Being in the first positions is impressive, I enjoy it a lot and I don’t know if I will keep advancing. This is a very beautiful tournament and it’s good to start this swing ahead of the next tournaments. I try to keep (myself) healthy but I also want to keep the ranking that cost me a lot. For this tournament, I didn’t have the best preparation due to personal reasons that I am going through, but I will be doing better as time goes on,” del Potro said during a conference call ahead of the Delray Beach Open.

The Daily Mail has also confirmed the couple’s split.