Blake Griffin and Joe Ingles Get Into Twitter Spat, Donovan Mitchell Chimes in

Blake Griiffin

Getty Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin

Attempting to figure out what creates any sort of drama between professional athletes can be as hard as picking winning lottery numbers. We once again have proof of that, as Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles.

After Ingles tweeted asking if his new purple Jazz jerseys sold out already, Griffin responded with a pretty strong tweet. Then, Ingles fired back and may have gotten the last word.

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Jazz guard and 2018 Rookie of the Year candidate Donovan Mitchell made sure to chime in after his teammate’s final response to Griffin.

I’m not completely positive what the past of Griffin and Ingles’ relationship looks like, but when going back to 2015, FanSided’s Ryan Aston pointed out another back-and-forth between the two. There’s a chance Griffin and Ingles could be messing around with this, but similar to the world of texting, it’s impossible to tell when something is sarcasm and when it’s not.

Griffin and Ingles’ Previous Back-And-Forth

The last time Griffin and Ingles had a few words on Twitter came when Griffin tweeted “Sooner Boomer,” likely relating to Oklahoma, where he played in college. Here’s how that one played out:

Again, no idea here. This one seems less intense than the most recent run of tweets. One thing we do know is that Ingles’ first tweet about the jerseys has to do with the team revealing the purple and gold Jazz throwback jerseys, which were released earlier today, as The Salt Lake Tribune revealed.

If there’s any additional reaction or response to this from either player (or who knows, someone else jumping in), we’ll update this post.

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