Monday Night RAW Match Results & Spoilers September 17th The Undertaker

The latest episode of Monday Night RAW is currently airing on the USA Network. Here’s what’s happened so far:

11:35Reigns wins by pinfall. He retains the Universal Championship.

11:30 – Corbin strikes early and aggressively, hitting Reigns with sharp elbows. Reigns rebounds and takes Corbin to the floor but is unable to hold down the pin. Reigns hits a Samoan drop and Corbin attempts to leave the ring, but Reigns charges after him. He returns with a chair and smacks Reigns in the face with it, causing his disqualification.

The match is then restarted, and after a brutal display from both men, Reigns hits a spear for the win.

Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns

11:10Fox and James win. Backstage, we see Baron Corbin with referee Rod Zapata. He orders Zapata to call his match down the middle.

11:05 – Moon and Jax set the tone, but Fox and James quickly fight back. James manages to pin Moon’s arm for a close two-count, and though they attempt to knock her down with a back suplex, Moon lands on her feet and tags Jax in. Jax barrels through her opponents, but Fox and James manage to block her advances and pin her for the win.

Alicia Fox & Mickie James vs Ember Moon & Nia Jax

10:55Elias wins via DQ. Backstage, Ember Moon prepares for her match.

10:50 – The match is surprisingly brief, as Lashley delivers a few brutal licks and Rush gets in on the fun, causing the match to end with a disqualification.

Elias vs Bobby Lashley

10:45 – Back from commercial, Elias is in the ring and strumming his guitar. Lio Rush interrupts him, however, and after some tense exchanges, Rush introduces Bobby Lashley to the crowd.

10:40 – Natalya’s music plays, but instead of it being her, its the Riott Squad dragging her unconscious body to the ring. Ruby Riott says it’s really Rousey’s fault and they’re here and she accepts Rousey’s challenge. Riott and Sarah Logan attack Rousey, but she fends them off before the Bella Twins come in to help her and preserve her title.

10:25 – Ronda Rousey makes her entrance into the ring. She gets on the mic and says that she wants to congratulate Alexa Bliss, because last night was the best performance she ever saw out of her. She issues an open challenge to any female Superstar who feels that they can take her title away.

10:15Rollins wins. Backstage, Roman Reigns gets interviewed and says that he doesn’t consider himself an underdog. Especially when he’s facing someone like Baron Corbin.

10:10 – Ziggler is giving Rollins his best shot, and the latter takes a few brutal hits and a few chops to open the match. Rollins manages to stay on his feet, however, and counters Ziggler’s suplex with a superkick. A decimated Ziggler goes down when Rollins jumps off the ropes and hits him with a lateral press.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

10:00Authors of Pain win via pinfall. Backstage, Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins exchange a few harsh words before their match.

9:55 – A quick match. Akam takes out James and knocks Brown around after him. Rezar gets tagged in and the duo hit a Super Collider to finish the match.

Authors of Pain vs Barrett Brown & Gregory James

9:45Bayley wins. We cut backstage to see the Authors of Pain walking around and interact with Drake Maverick before cutting to commercial.

9:40 – Brooke starts with with a side headlock, but Bayley knocks her into a backslide for a close two-count. Bayley then does a Handstand knee drops Brooke for her own two-count. Brooke tries to lock a bodyscissors, but Bayley reverses it and hits a Bayley-to-belly.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

9:25 – The Undertaker enters the ring. He gets on the mic and says that he’s never seen a more broken soul that Triple H. He claims that delusion will be H’s downfall.

9:10Gable wins. An angry Konnor attacks Gable from behind after the match. Meanwhile, the commentators hype up the return of the Undertaker after the break.

9:05 – Viktor opens with an arm wringer, but Gable pulls a reversal, and a kneeling deathlock to escape it. Gable takes the upper hand, but Viktor’s partner Konnor runs interference and allows Viktor able to stick Gable with a close two-count. Despite the interference, Gable scrambles back up and takes Viktor out with a pinfall.

Chad Gable vs Viktor

8:45McIntyre wins. Backstage, McIntyre runs into Dolph Ziggler, who asks how he’s doing. Baron Corbin walks up and pitches the duo on winning a match against the Shield by forfeit, and Ziggler agrees.

8:40 – McIntyre gets Ambrose in a kneeling armbar, but the latter manages to get to his feet and break it. McIntyre’s legs give out and Ambrose gains the upper hand and lands some brutal hits. A dazed McIntyre stumbles, but bounces back and sidesteps an Ambrose suicide dive. He pounces on Ambrose and pins him.

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre

8:25 – Corbin and Reigns have a little confrontation in the ring, but Corbin threatens Reigns by saying that he knows about the latter’s recent injury. Corbin says that he’ll have to defend his title against him tonight.

8:20 – Strowman says the whole situation sucks, but then Paul Heyman makes his entrance. He explains that the more powerful you get in WWE, the more money you’re worth in UFC, and the more money you’re worth in UFC, the more power you wield in UFC.

8:15 – Braun Strowman comes out. He says Reigns should be thankful that Lesnar came down last night, because he’s the only reason he didn’t whoop Reigns at Hell In a Cell. RAW general manager Baron Corbin also comes out and tells them to calm down. He says that he’s also upset about what Lesnar did and announces that on November 2, Reigns will defend the title against Strowman and Lesnar in a triple threat!

8:05 – The show opens with Roman Reigns entering the ring. We get a recap of his match against Braun Strowman and Reigns tells the crowd that Hell In a Cell didn’t go according to plan. Reigns says that Brock Lesnar should come out now if he wants to take the Universal Champion title from him.


The Undertaker and Triple H will continue to prepare for their last battle at the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia. The Undertaker returns to add fuel to the fire, and its possible that more than harsh words will be exchanged tonight.

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Another major narrative heading into tonight is the return of Brock Lesnar. After being told he couldn’t have a Universal Title rematch at WWE Hell in a Cell, he nearly destroyed the PPV event singlehandedly. He kicked the Cell’s door off its hinges and annihilated Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, bringing their title match to a no-contest decision.

Expect plenty of frustration on the parts of Reigns and Strowman tonight. They’re definitely going to be targeting Lesnar, who’s expected to return to RAW to demand another title match. The big question, of course, will be whether acting General Manager Baron Corbin will have the strength to turn him down.

While neither Reigns nor Strowman won their Hell In a Cell title match, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre managed to hold onto the Raw Tag Team Titles against Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. The tensions between the two camps will continue into tonight’s episode, as we see whether anyone has the guts to challenge Ziggler & McIntyre to another match.

Then, of course, there’s Ronda Rousey. The RAW Women’s Champion held onto her title after decimating Alexa Bliss, despite Bliss’ attempt to attack Rousey’s injured ribs. Rousey will surely have lots of smack to talk and lots of goading to do on tonight’s episode, but its likely that WWE and Bliss have more to add to their rivalry. Will Bliss concoct another plan to steal back the Women’s Champion title, or will a new challenger emerge?

Find out tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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