Cleveland Browns: Hue Jackson May Be Calling Plays for Week 8

Getty Images Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is trying to save his job.

The Cleveland Browns issues continue to pile on, despite being light years ahead of their time in comparison to the last few seasons. As the Browns are clearly much better in 2018, they are still having trouble closing out games, despite being competitive in the majority of their games so far this season.

After the Browns overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, there was a ton of speculation that there could be a change in coaching staff sooner than later. Automatically, everybody assumed that Hue Jackson would be on the hot seat, but it’s becoming more evident that Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley is the one who is coaching with his job on the line.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported early on Sunday morning that Haley and Jackson are not seeing eye-to-eye with the playcalling decisions now that Hue Jackson wanted to get more involved with the decisions.

The reports practically indicated that week eight’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers could be Haley’s final chance to change the Browns minds. But with the way things are going early on in the game, it looks like the Browns might’ve already made their mind up this week.

Is Hue Jackson Already Calling Plays?

If Hue Jackson is, in fact, calling plays for the Browns already, that could mean that Haley’s days as the offensive coordinator are surely numbered. There was speculation that a game full of offensive struggles would definitely mean the end for one of these two guys, but Jackson seems to be on the road to proving to Cleveland that he is not the problem.

If the Browns can pull off a big win on the road against Pittsburgh, we would imagine that Hue Jackson’s job is safe for now. However, if he is calling plays, and the offense struggles on Sunday, the Browns front office could suddenly have a change of heart. This week’s matchup against Pittsburgh is crucial for the Browns coaching staff.