Cowboys WR Allen Hurns Reacts to Amari Cooper Trade

Getty Images Cowboys WR Allen Hurns finds the end zone.

The Dallas Cowboys made headlines on Monday afternoon when their owner Jerry Jones canceled his weekly phone interview for Tuesday. As everybody speculated that it was because he was upset at yesterday’s loss, we might’ve figured out a different reason why. Clearly, Jones was working the phones trying to make a trade, and he surely made one.

On Monday afternoon, it was announced that the Dallas Cowboys were sending a first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for the former first-round draft pick, Amari Cooper. The Cowboys were rumored to be scouting Cooper over the past week, and apparently, the team was quite intrigued with the fourth-year veteran.

Now, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has another weapon in his arsenal. Despite the loss on Sunday, the Cowboys finally had some life in the passing game as their rookie, Michael Gallup found the end zone for the first time. With the addition of Cooper, Prescott now has another proven veteran to spread the ball around to. And with the addition of Cooper, his teammate Allen Hurns has praised the move.

How Does Hurns Feel about It?

As the Cowboys spent additional time in Washington D.C., nobody was aware that Jones was going to make a trade this quick. It’s clear that the divisional loss to the Redskins put a bad taste in their mouths as sending a first-round pick for Cooper came off as sort of a panic move.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys should be happy that they got the player that they desire for their franchise quarterback to throw to. While Hurns joined the team in the offseason to fill the void of Dez Bryant, it’s become clear that his production is not up to par. With only 13 catches for 158 yards and a touchdown, the Cowboys knew that they had to find another weapon.