Isaiah Crowell Gets Fined and Endorsed for His Touchdown Celebration

Getty Images Isaiah Crowell's celebration that earned him a fine.

The NFL has been fining players for years now for their touchdown celebrations. Although they tried to be more lenient in recent years, there’s still a line that cannot be crossed without consequences. Considering how much money these guys make, the fines hardly put a dent in these players pockets. Therefore, they have no issue doing whatever they want to do when they score a touchdown.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Jets took on the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football. For the first time since his departure, Jets running back Isaiah Crowell faced his former team. Although nobody was aware of Crowell’s sour feelings towards the Browns organization, it appeared that he did have some sort of beef with them after his slightly out of line touchdown celebration.

It’s kind of hard to detail exactly what happened, as the celebration was a bit awkward for those watching. But to put it just, Crowell wiped his butt with the ball and threw into the Cleveland crowd. Naturally, the celebration drew a flag. Crowell couldn’t care less, though. During his post-game interviews, Crowell attempted to make it clear that he didn’t mean to be disrespectful about it, “it was just the spur of the moment.”

The Celebration

Crowell and Jets head coach Todd Bowles knew that punishment was coming. Clearly, the fine that Crowell would eventually receive wouldn’t be a problem. On Tuesday, it was reported that Crowell’s celebration would cost him a whopping $13,369.

Okay, so he gets a small dent in his bank account. No big deal, right? Actually, Crowell ended up cashing out, rather than dishing out the cash. For his end zone antics, Crowell ended up getting an endorsement deal for men’s wipes. Yes, you heard that right. Isaiah Crowell is now the face of a company called “DUDE Wipes.”

Crowell’s Campaign

How about that? The man does a celebration that gets him fined and endorsed within the same two weeks. Crowell just had to listen to an earful from his head coach and that was just about the only type of punishment that he receives. Talk about getting lucky. Unfortunately, Crowell and the Jets ended up losing that game to the Browns. Can’t win em’ all, right?

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