LSU QB Joe Burrow Is Playing with a Chip on His Shoulder against Georgia

Getty Images LSU's Joe Burrow is looking to bounce back versus GA

Last week wasn’t the most comfortable day in the pocket for LSU quarterback, Joe Burrow. During a tough SEC matchup in ‘The Swamp’ against the Florida Gators, Burrow threw two interceptions, with a total of zero touchdowns. As you can imagine, LSU struggled to put points on the board and took home a tough loss to their conference rival.

Burrow was far from pleased with his own performance. This week he wouldn’t take a rep off during practice. As the LSU Tigers prepare to go to war with the Georgia Bulldogs, Burrow is looking to bounce back in a big way. Although he struggled throughout the day last Saturday, Burrow has issued a favorable matchup this week that sets him up for success if he is indeed up for the challenge at home.

The Junior quarterback doesn’t have the most impressive stats in comparison to other star quarterback’s within the SEC, but he has fared well up to last week. Burrow took a beating in the backfield, which prevented him from throwing well at all. In addition to his two interceptions, he threw for under 200 yards and racked up his lowest passer rating for 2018. Knowing his performance wasn’t acceptable, Burrow had to work harder than ever this week.

Every Rep Counts

LSU reporter, Cody Worsham got the inside scoop on Burrow’s tough week at practice. During LSU’s head coach, Ed Orgeron’s press conference, he made it clear that Burrow is preparing with a chip on his shoulder. Burrow is angry at the way he played under the intense amount of pressure issued by the Gators front line.

“He didn’t skip a rep this week,” Orgeron said. “He was very sore on Monday but didn’t say a word. He took every rep. He’s healthy, and he’s ready to go. A little angry, probably. A little angry at himself. Knew he could play better. So could the whole team.”

Worsham went on to point out that Georgia’s pressure hasn’t been nearly as successful as Florida’s over the course of the season so far. In comparison to the entire SEC, Georgia is currently ranked at 12th when it comes to bringing pressure in on the quarterback. When you take a look at Burrow’s statistics while throwing with a clean pocket, he’s nearly mistake-free. That will be the key to Burrow winning Saturday’s game. Minimize turnovers, and keeping himself protected can go a long way against a team like Georgia.

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