Paige Green, John Elway’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


John Elway is the General Manager and Executive Vice President of Football Operations for Denver Broncos. The former NFL quarterback married his wife, Paige Green, a decade ago and the two have become one of the most prominent pairs in the Denver sports scene.

Green is a proud supporter of her husband and of the Denver Broncos. She is a dog mom to three pups, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Lyle, according to her Instagram bio. She’s also a proud step-mom to Elway’s four kids.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Met Elway in Los Angeles in 2005 & Married Him in 2009

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Great night at the Espys

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According to the Denver Post, Elway and Green first met at Marcus Allen’s golf tournament in Los Angeles in 2005, but the pair didn’t officially become a couple until some time later. The reason? Elway kept seeing Green appearing in an infomercial and decided to call her.

Green reportedly moved to Denver after things got serious with Elway and the Hall of Famer proposed shortly after. According to ESPN, Elway popped the question while on vacation with Green in Italy.

“It either gets better or worse from there,” Green told Denver Magazine about the relationship. “In this case, it got good enough that I moved to Denver a year later.”

Elway and Green married in 2009. Little is known about their wedding ceremony.

2. She Is a Former Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

Green has been around football for years and it’s not only because of her relationship with Elway. In fact, she worked as an Oakland Raiders cheerleader for several seasons before she even met the former Denver Broncos quarterback.

Green was formerly connected to Reagan Dunn, the son of ex-congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, and the pair were even engaged in October 2006 after a year of dating.

3. She Is Incredibly Active in the Denver Community

John Elway has long been synonymous with the city of Denver and Green has followed his lead. Over the past eight years, the pair has expanded their charitable efforts and together support a handful of different organizations.

The work has also garnered a handful of community awards for them. In October 2015, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation acknowledged the Elways by honoring them with the High Hopes Tribute Award during the Carousel Ball.

The Foundation’s founder Barbara Davis explained why the group chose to honor the Elways in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“John Elway is the biggest star in Colorado. It be would like having a dinner in Los Angeles honoring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The people in Denver adore him,” Davis told the outlet.

The event, which was emceed by David Foster and included a performance by Usher, was attended by several Broncos standouts, including Peyton Manning.

4. She Loves Dogs & Has Worked to Shut Down Puppy Mills & Promote Adoptions

In addition to her charity work with her husband, Green has also forged her own path, finding causes that she endorses personally. In November 2015, she joined forces with the program “Adopt, Don’t Shop,” to help shut down puppy mills across Colorado.

Green has also teamed up with a number of animal rights groups in the Denver area, including Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare and the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. In December 2014, she joined forces with Anna Welker, Wes Welker’s wife, to host the inaugural Bowl n’ Bark event.

“It’s important to [the shelter] because they want something that’s more fitting for the animals. They can enrich their lives to make them better animals for their new forever homes. We’re hoping to get as many dogs placed tonight as possible and in the future as well,” Green said at the time.

Green and Welker raised almost double their projected estimate with donations coming from all corners of the community, including the Broncos organization itself.

Last year, Green posted about a pup in need of a foster home.

“Soul Dog Rescue needs Your help!!!! Meet Molly – rescued yesterday – a very gentle Rottweiler starving for love and affection. The dog’s owner died (killed in a domestic violence incident) and she has been on her own for some time. Shelby is heading to the Four Corners area now to pick her up. We are desperate for a foster starting tomorrow afternoon. Due to her fragile immune system, it is important she temporarily stay in a loving home with no other sick animals. Molly has mange and is very skinny. The photos of the rubbish are where she was living. If you look closely you can see her head poking out of the trash. Domestic violence takes a toll on all living creatures – humans and their devoted pets. Molly has been in the area looking for her guardian without success. Someone, please be an angel this girl. Foster commitment may be up to two weeks. If you can’t foster Molly, please consider making a donation to help cover her medical care,” she wrote on Instagram.

5. Elway Was Previously Married & Has 4 Children From His Previous Relationship

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My favorite Father's Day blessings

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Elway’s personal life was front-page news in Denver in 2003 when he and his wife of 19 years, Janet, announced that they were getting divorced. The news came not long after the deaths of both his father and twin sister.

Elway and his first wife met while they were both student-athletes at Stanford. While he was a standout on the football field, Janet was a swimming star and, in 1984, the two officially tied the knot. Together, the pair has four children together: Jessica, Jordan, Jack, and Juliana.

For years, John and Janet Elway were the faces of the Denver athletic community, but in June 2002, it was reported that Janet had moved out of the couple’s home. The Elways eventually reconciled, but in January 2003, the couple split for good.

“I lost Dad, and a year and a half later, I lost my twin sister Jana … and then a year later there was divorce and it was a boom, boom, boom. I don’t know if you ever hit rock bottom. …Really, the pain just doesn’t go away,” Elway said at the time.

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