Kenny Stills Fantasy: Ruled out for TNF, but Nothing Long-Term

Getty Images Kenny Stills is ruled out for TNF.

The Miami Dolphins have been dealing with quite a lot of injuries on the offensive side of the ball this past month. As a team that got a hot start to the season, they don’t seem to be trending upwards any time soon. This week, they are on a short schedule, as they are set to play the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. And their depth chart n Thursday is not looking so great on the offensive side of the ball.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was already expected to be ruled out for Thursday’s game, so there are no surprises there. Also, wide receiver Albert Wilson suffered a potential season-ending hip injury that leaves the wide receiver group in Miami looking thin. Now, Kenny Stills is another Dolphins offensive standout that will find himself sidelined on Thursday.

Stills out for TNF?

Who’s a Valuable Replacement?

As Ian Rappoport reported, Stills will miss Thursday’s game with a groin injury. Although it’s very unfortunate that the Dolphins will lose one of their key targets on the offense. The good news is that Stills’ injury does not seem to be long term. The chances of him playing on the short week was a long shot already.

Now, the question is, who should Kenny Stills fantasy owners pick up to replace him? The easy answer would be to avoid Dolphins receivers as a whole. With Brock Osweiler playing against a tough Houston Texans defensive line, he’s not expected to have a hot hand on Thursday.

For those who are desperate though, DeVante Parker is going to be activated and ready to roll, unlike last week. At this point, it’s unclear what kind of role Parker will have on Thursday night with the Dolphins, but he could be primed for a big week as he may be showcasing his talent for other teams that are interested in trading for him.

Then, there’s Danny Amendola, who is also questionable himself. It would be a gamble to utilize any Dolphins receivers, but Parker and Jakeem Grant are probably the safest plays if Amendola does happen to be ruled out. But if there is a chance to steer clear of any Dolphins this week, it’s highly suggested.