NFL Mock Draft 2019: Giants Take Oregon QB Justin Herbert

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You know it is bad news for your team when you are already checking the NFL draft standings and the latest mock drafts to see who your favorite team is predicted to select in 2019. The NFL season is young meaning there is plenty of time for things to change, but there are a number of teams that have dug themselves a sizable hole.

Interest in the draft has become a year-round thing, and it is never too early to begin thinking about the top NFL prospects. For many fan bases, it is the only thing keeping hope alive.

"All the sarcasm and the ridicule and the negativity about the draft and about who covers it back in the day . . . you don't hear any of that anymore," ESPN's Mel Kiper told the Chicago Tribune. "That's kind of satisfying. Nobody is getting criticized anymore. There's none of the commentary that's negative about, 'Why do people do this? Who would care about that? They're wasting their time doing this,' and all that garbage."

While a couple of teams may dig themselves out of the bottom of the standings, the majority of squads are going to end up picking early in the 2019 NFL draft. Unlike last year, it is interesting to note that only one team in the current top 10 picks is likely to be looking for a quarterback.

The Strength of the 2019 NFL Draft Is the Defensive Linemen

The strength of the 2019 draft class is the defensive linemen, and there is not another position that is particularly close. Teams picking atop the draft in April are all likely to take a long look at defensive players like Nick Bosa, Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary and Dexter Lawrence just to name a few.

It would not be a surprise if the first five picks were either defensive ends or defensive tackles. Several of the top defensive linemen have some position flexibility with the potential to line up inside and outside. The talent of the defensive linemen in this class is likely to even cause teams with a strong defense to consider taking a defensive lineman.

Justin Herbert leads the quarterback class that is a step back from the talent we saw in 2018. Will Grier, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Jarrett Stidham and Daniel Jones are other quarterbacks with first-round potential.

As the country all witnessed on Thursday Night Football, it may be time for the Giants to draft their quarterback of the future. I would suggest Giants fans start watching Herbert's highlights because there is a lot to get excited about with the Oregon quarterback. With so many teams selecting quarterbacks in last year's draft, we may see a good number of signal callers slip into the second and third rounds.

The draft order for our latest mock draft is based on's projected order at the time this was published. Click the next arrow to see my predictions for the top 10 picks in my NFL mock draft.